National Cyber Security Policy 2080 – Stakeholder Consultation

National Cyber Security Policy 2080 – Stakeholder Consultation

The Center For Cybersecurity Research and Innovation (CSRI) and Information Security Response Team Nepal (npCert) are hosting a discussion about Nepal’s National Cybersecurity Policy 2080 on August 18, 2023, from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Why It Matters ?

This collaboration of CSRI Nepal and nPCERT aims to tackle challenges and opportunities in the digital world. As cyber threats get more advanced, they want to hear from different people, like government officials, business leaders, experts, and teachers.

What’s Happening ?

This event will talk about:

  • Threats: The dangers to Nepal’s digital things and people’s privacy.
  • Rules: The laws needed to keep the internet safe and help new ideas.
  • Learning: How to get better at cybersecurity.
  • Working Together: How everyone can team up to fight cyber problems.
  • New Tech: How things like smart computers and the Internet of Things affect cybersecurity.

This talk won’t only talk about problems. They’ll also talk about solutions and how to make Nepal’s cybersecurity strong.

Join In

Anyone who cares about Nepal’s internet safety, like officials, tech experts, teachers, and regular people, can join. The talk will be online, so everyone can take part and stay safe.

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