Hult Prize Talk Session II: Forming a Dream Team – Unlock Your Potential and Achieve Your Dreams

The Hult Prize at IOE, Pulchowk Campus, a competition that aims to solve pressing social issues through entrepreneurship, organized a talk series, “Forming a Dream Team”, to encourage participants to consider the qualities they look for in team members, the importance of having a shared vision, and the role of communication and collaboration.

The talk featured guest speakers Mr. Kiran Timsina, CTO/Co-Founder of Urban Girl and Ms. Shreeya Giri, founder and managing director of Happy Minds and co-founder and director of Nepal Cashmere. Mr. Timsina discussed the importance of building an efficient, human-managed team that can sustain in the future. Ms. Giri focused on the importance of mental health in team formation and provided guidance on how to form a successful team.


The session was interactive and participants engaged in discussions, shared their experiences, and received valuable insights and advice from the guest speakers. It ended with a cake ceremony and token of love for the guests, which was a memorable moment for all. The Hult Prize team was pleased with the outcome and the participants left feeling energized and motivated to form their own dream teams.

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