Nepal Ministry of Education Begins Preparations for Online NOC Process for Students Studying Abroad

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Nepal has begun preparations to offer a mandatory No Objection Letter (NOC) online to students seeking to study abroad. Currently, students can apply for the NOC online, but they must physically go to the foreign study permit branch in Bhaktapur to receive it.

This has caused long lines and unnecessary expenses for students who have to travel from far away. In an effort to reduce the crowds, the ministry created a “Semi Online” service, but it has not been effective. In order to fully implement the online system, the ministry has formed a committee to consult with various agencies including the National Examination Board, universities, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The online system will require integration with the National Examination Board’s software to verify students’ certificates, as well as coordination with various other agencies. Once the online system is in place, data on how many students received NOCs, how many went abroad, how much money they took with them, and how many returned after completing their studies will be easily accessible.