Hult Prize at IOE | Exciting conversations with guests followed by an engaging Q&A at Talk Session-I

Hult Prize at IOE  | Exciting conversations with guests followed by an engaging Q&A at Talk Session-I

The first episode of the talk series which also serves as mentorship for participants of Hult Prize global challenge was conducted on December 24 online via Zoom. In case you missed it, here is a slight brief overview of what happened.

This year, the Hult Prize at IOE,Pulchowk Campus has joined hands with title sponsor Mastakala, general sponsors Taskade and Digital Ocean,venue partner Entrance Cafe, security partner MSecurity, silver sponsor NMB Capital Ltd, and Protozoa Host as hosting partner.

Students need to be inspired to practice sustainability and work on some of the most important global challenges this year so far through. The talk series I, “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship,” aims to share the success strategies of our guests and offer insightful advice to those desiring to establish a name for themselves in the entrepreneurial world as well as in Hult Prize.

The Talk series-I officially began after the introduction of the guests.In attendance were Mr. Suraj Rajopadhye, Ms. Natasha Khemka, and Ms. Rajani Gurung, one of the nation’s top social entrepreneurs. There were 110+ participants already in  the first 15 minutes and the number never dropped below 100 throughout the whole event.

Aditya Pandey, the design lead, outlined the goals of the first talk session and welcomed everyone to the mentorship session while inspiring participants to participate.

The audience was motivated by Mr. Sunny Rajopadhyaya, the CEO of Ecoorbs and the co-founder of Chyau Biotechnologies.

An advocate of nature conservation and restoration, Ecoorbs is working to create a greener and healthier future by using raw materials from nature, with mycelium as their primary workers. He has taken the words of American rapper WILL.I.AM – “Waste is not waste until we waste it” – to heart, transforming elephant dung, which is otherwise waste, into usable paper products with his startup Ecoorb Ventures. His speech on social entrepreneurship makes him an inspirational figure.

Ms.Natasha Khemka,Presenting the founder and CEO of the WYLDWEAVES, a trademark that is deeply rooted in the passionate desire to tap into the potential of Nepal’s rich natural resources.Ms. Natasha Khemka works with social enterprises to develop different product lines focusing on hemp as an exceptionally versatile raw material. As a result, she introduced handmade hemp paper into Nepal in 2020, also experimenting with a blend of hemp and traditional arkeli fibers. In 2022 WYLDWEAVES will remain the only start-up supplying hemp-based papers in the country.Her definition on fashion made everyone more confident.

Ms. Rajani Gurung, Co-Founder and Operations Manager of Deego Nepal.  With her belief that “The most precious gift we can give to our next generation is a sustainable future”, she has been striving to create a sustainable world for us all. Through Deego Nepal,local communities are promoted with jobs and their ideas on reducing plastics and using organic materials was outstanding.She is an inspiration to many, showing that sustainability is achievable if we start locally.  

Technical Manager Pramesh Shrestha handled the Zoom meeting smoothly for the Hult Prize 2021/22 first session and Design lead Aditya Pandey revealed and shared a token of love for guests .

After our Design Lead Aditya Pandey provided encouragement and thanked everyone present, the formal program was finally concluded. 

The event’s participant response and Hult prize team collaboration were the icing on the cake.

As shown by the program’s seamless continuation, the reaction of participation towards guests and the talk session was filled with amazing Q&As.

Our Zoom meeting was made remarkable by the participants and campus delegations from a few colleges that were all extremely energetic.

Overall, the IOE Pulchowk Campus’s Hult Prize First Entrepreneurship was clearly interactive and was a huge success.

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