Energy Hackathon 6.0 Registration Open | LOCUS 2022 Pre event

Energy Hackathon 6.0 Registration Open | LOCUS 2022 Pre event

Energy Hackathon is one of the pre-events of LOCUS. The event altogether will be completed in four working days.

On the first day, various delegates from different energy sectors and research institutions give insightful talks regarding the status of the energy market in Nepal. On this day, the participants listen and brainstorm ideas that they think will help solve energy-related problems.

The second day kicks off with a mentor-assigning session in which every participating team is provided with a choice of having a mentor assigned to their cause. On this day and the next, the participants discuss, brainstorm, and work in coordination with the mentor in order to find the optimum solution to their targeted problem.

Following the preparation gap, in the final day, each participating team gives a presentation to a panel of judges and audiences showcasing their solutions followed by Q/A sessions. The judges select the idea that they think is the best one.

In this manner, the event provides an opportunity for the participants to get more involved in the energy industry sector of Nepal and observe real world challenges, meet energy specialists and brainstorm as future analysts to generate viable solutions winning cash prizes at the same time.

NOTE: Only 4 teams will be selected from each categories.
(closes on Poush 17)

The theme for Energy Hackathon are:
● Alternative Energy
● Energy Efficiency
● Demand Side management
● Open Category
It starts from Poush 21, and shall be full of mentorship sessions, keynote talks, and good old
hearty team work!
Registration link:

Prize pool : Rs. 1 lakhs

One of these sessions, held in Thapathali Engineering College was particularly interesting. There were custom stalls setup for the participants with fashion items like bracelets, embroideries, beads and so on which also match the theme of this year’s competition, “Redesigning Fashion”. 

This event was also attended by a young entrepreneur of Nepal, Suraj Raj Pandey. Mr. Pandey is the CEO of Fibro, Nepal which is a well-known clothing brand around here. He delivered an engrossing discourse on the positive effects that a sustainable product has on the fashion business.

After the completion of these orientation sessions, the next step for the competitors is to attend the workshops on Entrepreneurship series of the Hult Prize. 

The first mentorship session “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” is happening on Dec 24, Saturday. The guest speakers for the talk session are Rajani Gurung, co-founder and Operations Manager of Deego Nepal, and Sunny Rajopadhyaya, co-founder of Chyau Biotechnologies, co-founder and CEO of Ecoorb Ventures.

Totaling in 4 sessions, each of these is attended by professionals of various fields. Each one makes you more polished and a better candidate for winning the Hult Prize.

These workshops are very beneficial as they provide the participants with mentorship and advice on preparing for the Hult Prize. The participants can express their opinions, engage in discussion, and overall enjoy their path toward the Hult prize since these sessions are so fascinating.

They provide a huge advantage to the ones who plan on coming out at the top this year. Despite being led by professionals, these seminars are not at all scary. Since they are free of cost, there’s no reason to give up on this opportunity. 

This year’s OnCampus program is supported by title sponsor Masta Kala, silver sponsor NMBCL, general sponsors Digital Ocean, Taskade and Impact Hub, venue partner Entrance Cafe, hosting partner Protozoa Host, and security partner MSecurity.

These programs will soon lead up to the finale of Hult Prize at IOE and the Hult Prize team has no plan of stopping anytime soon. Things have been running smoothly and the Entrepreneurship series is anticipated to proceed in a similar fashion.

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