Data Breach in Nepal. Why is this rising day by day?

Data Breach in Nepal. Why is this rising day by day?

Data Breach !

If you are tech enthusiastic, it won’t be a new word for you.

Still confused about data breach? Why not to read:

What is the data breach? How does data breach affect you?

Regarding this rise of a data breach in Nepal, Information Security Response Team Nepal (NPCERT) and Center for Cyber Security and Research Innovation (CSRI) are organising a webinar.

The webinar is entitled, ‘An Interaction on Data Breach Rise in Nepal’. This event is also hosted by ICT Byte, your favorite technology channel.

Speakers of Webinar, “Data Breach Rise in Nepal.”

  • Naresh Lamgade, Founder of Cynical Technology
  • Nabin KC, OWASP Chapter Leader for Nepal
  • Subha Kayastha, Cofounder of Boday and Data
  • Vivek Shumser Rana, Consultant of InfoAssure

The event will be moderated by Chiranjibi Adhikari, Executive Director of One Cover Private Limited.

What will be the discussion in Webinar, “Data Breach Rise in Nepal.”

The topic of the discussion will be:

  • Introduction of personal data breach
  • How personal data breach happens?
  • Process to report personal data breach
  • Importance of reporting personal data breach to related authority
  • Negative impact of personal data breach.

Event Detail:

Event Name: Data Breach Rise in Nepal

Event Type: Webinar

Date: 16th April, 2020

Time: 2PM to 3PM

Supporters of the Event: Data Breach Rise in Nepal

  1. Open Web Application Security Project
  2. One Cover Private Limited
  3. Cynical Technologies
  4. ICT Byte
  5. ICT Frame
  6. Pentester Nepal
  7. TechPatro

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