CuriousWe Presents Empowering Entrepreneurship Workshop at IOE Pulchowk Campus: Industry Experts to Guide Aspiring Entrepreneurs on Path to Success

CuriousWe Presents Empowering Entrepreneurship Workshop at IOE Pulchowk Campus: Industry Experts to Guide Aspiring Entrepreneurs on Path to Success

CuriousWe, a leading student organization is organizing a week-long workshop on entrepreneurship at the prestigious IOE Pulchowk Campus. The event, scheduled from July 18th to July 24th, promises to be a transformative experience for aspiring entrepreneurs, featuring esteemed speakers and successful business leaders who will share their expertise and guide participants in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Expressing gratitude to the guests and speakers, the organizing committee emphasized the immense value they bring to the workshop. “We are very grateful to our guests and speakers who will be here sharing their immense experience and guiding upcoming entrepreneurs,” stated the committee.

Kicking off the event on the first day is Mr. Ajit Bikram Shah, the esteemed Director and CEO of Lotus Holding. With an impressive track record spanning 20 years in diverse business fields, Mr. Shah will deliver a captivating talk on the topic, “WTH is Entrepreneurship?” Participants can expect to gain a solid foundation in understanding the intricacies of entrepreneurship from his wealth of experience.

On the second day, CuriousWe has secured the renowned CEO of Worldlink Communication, Mr. Keshav Nepal, as the speaker. With expertise in product development and marketing, Mr. Nepal will offer valuable insights into these crucial aspects of business. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn effective strategies for developing products and successfully marketing them in today’s competitive landscape.

The third day will feature Mr. Bigyan Gupta, the highly respected founder and CEO of the Pedal group. Known for his expertise in market segmentation, targeting, and positioning, Mr. Gupta will share invaluable insights on identifying target markets, creating effective marketing strategies, and positioning products or services for maximum impact.

The fourth day will showcase Ms. Swastika Rajbhandari, the visionary founder of Thriftbank and Kaasthakala. With her remarkable achievements, she will shed light on the vital aspects of management, teams, and operations. Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of effective management practices and the importance of building strong, cohesive teams.

Mr. Dolraj Poudel will take the stage on the fifth day, focusing on finance modeling and terms. As an expert in this field, Mr. Poudel will provide attendees with insights into financial strategies, modeling techniques, and essential financial terms crucial for entrepreneurial success.

The sixth day will feature Mr. Santosh Pandey, the dynamic founder of oho cakes, who will impart his knowledge on pitching, fundraising, and product launch. His session will equip participants with the necessary skills to effectively present ideas, secure funding, and successfully launch products or services.

The grand finale of the workshop will be the highly anticipated “Startup Idea Pitch Competition” on the seventh day, July 28th. This exciting event will provide participants with the opportunity to showcase their innovative business ideas and compete for enticing prizes and recognition.

CuriousWe is eagerly awaiting the participation of aspiring entrepreneurs, eager to acquire knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship. To secure a spot in this engaging and educational event, interested individuals are encouraged to register today through the provided link:

The workshop will be held at IOE Pulchowk Campus

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to learn from industry experts and network with like-minded individuals. Mark your calendars for July 18th to July 24th and prepare to embark on an entrepreneurial journey that could shape your future success.

For more information and updates, please visit the official website of CuriousWe.

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