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TU Affiliated ICT Colleges of Nepal.

TU Affiliated ICT Colleges of Nepal.

I. Background of Tribhuwan University

Tribhuwan University is a public university for higher education which is located in Kirtipur. It is oldest and largest university in Nepal established in 1959 AD.  The university was named after the late King Tribhuwan. The university has more than 1000 affiliated private and public colleges. Also, It presents more than 4400 courses including Bachelor and Master’s Level.

II. BSc.CSIT in Nepal

In Today’s Context, BSc CSIT is one of the most demanding and trending Course. This course is the combination of two TU courses. They are three years of IT course and three years of computer science course.

Similarly, the motive of BSc.CSIT course is to provide the students with the theoretical, Practical and technical knowledge in the field of information technology. The course is also helping to develop a qualified workforce in real time.

Therfore, Bachelor of Science and Information Technology is a four years course program of Tribhuwan University which included eight semesters. It is affordable course for Nepalese students. However, the fee Structure of Bsc,CSIT is negotiable and different according to colleges,

Some of the TU Affiliated ICT Colleges of Nepal are listed below:

  • Deerwalk Institute of Technology (BSc CSIT), Jaya Bageshwori Road, Kathmandu
  • Kathford College of Engineering (BSc,CSIT), Balkumari, Lalitpur
  • Madan Bhandari Memorial College (BSc CSIT), Anamnagar, Ktm
  • Xavier’s College, Maitighar (BSc CSIT), Ktm
  • Amrit  Science Campus (BSc CSIT), Kathmandu
  • Patan Multiple Campus (BSc CSIT) , Patandhoka, Latipur
  • Nagarik Academy (BSc CSIT), Bakhundole, Lalitpur
  • New Summit College (BSc CSIT), Devkota Sadak, Ktm
  • Texas International College (BSc,CSIT) Mitrapark Chabahil ktm
  • Trinity International College (BSc,CSIT) Dillibazar, Ktm
  • St. Lawernce College (Bsc,CSIT), Ktm

Deerwalk Institute of Technology:

It is a USA Based College which is run by Nepalese and American Professionals run this institution. While the aim is to provide quality education to the Nepalese Society. It provides more emphasis on practical basis of work along with theoretical work. Also students are provided 4 years of experience in practical work not only with degree certificate. Moreover, students are also made involvement in the field of arts, music, sports, social services, documentaries and movie media etc.

Deerwalk Institute of Technology provides the best course of Bachelor in Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT). It is situated in Jaya Bageshwori, Kathmandu and  affiliated to Tribhuwan University TU. And the course contains total credit hours of 126. Roudra Pamdey is the executive chairman, Surendra Nath Adhikari as Campus Chief and Hitesh Karki as the chief academic Officer.

Therefore, It is providing high level of education in the field of information and technology with the collaboration of highly qualified professionals. It has got the exports which makes it more fruitful.

Kathford college of Engineering:

Kathford college of Engineering is a highly ranked college dedicated to inspiring teaching, excellent student experience and strong employability. It was established in 2003 and located at the heart of the city of Kathmandu. Also, it gives students access to outstanding faculty and excellent resourced too.

Patan Multiple Campus:

Patan Multiple Campus is the oldest college in Lalitpur, Nepal to teach Bsc.CSIT and it is located at Patandhoka Road, Lalitpur. It believed to have one of the best BscCSIT courses. As a result, it ranked as the best Bsc.CSIT degree in Nepal. It is affiliated to TU.

St. Xaviers:

In Today’s Context, There are existence of number of colleges nowadays which are providing Bsc.CSIT course in Kathmandu, Nepal. St. Xavier always been one of the best colleges for students to study rather than other colleges. It is located Maitighar, Kathmandu which is easily accessible place. Hence, Bsc,CSIT course in St.Xavier college is taught under the association of TU.

Nagarjuna College of IT:

Nagarjuna Collge of IT is the best colleges of Kathmandu for Bsc,CSIT. It listed under the best colleges of Nepal running Bsc.CSIT course as per the view of students. It’s located in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. Similarly, it has been providing Bsc.CSIT degree in Nepal since 1998 under the affiliation of TU.

New Summit College

New Summit College located at Santinagar Gate, Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal has been imparting Bachelor in Computer system and information technology(BSsc.CSIT) education of 18 years. Within this period it has been successfully to be recognized as one of the top college of Kathmandu for Bsc.CSIT. Thus, It is the one of the best college in Nepal teaching Bsc.CSIT under the association with TU.

Texas International College

Among so many rising college in Kathmandu, Nepal, Texas International College one of them. Texas International College been offering best Bsc,Csit degree in Nepal for long time. As a result, Texas International College one of the top college in Kathmandu Nepal for Bsc,CSIT students as it is affiliated to TU.

Likewise, as we know that the education system of Nepal has been developing day by day, many practical and international courses are added to provide quality education. And Bsc,CSIT is one of them too. Moreover, it is regarded as the most demanding and trending course in Today’s scenario. Thsu, after completion of this Program of TU, Students will get many opportunities in the field of computer science and information technology.

By: Shraddha Rai

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