10 Qualities of a Good Music Speaker

10 Qualities of a Good Music Speaker

Nowadays wireless speakers are everywhere from Big, small, portable, expensive, cheap to Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi. But our choice is to have at least one speaker that’s right for us. A good music speaker is that which can convert listening experience. 

Obviously different speakers are suited according to their situation. For instance, you don’t prefer small speakers to use along with your TV, and you don’t use home loudspeakers in an office. Usually, we don’t realize how much clarity we’re missing from our music unless we hear it through good music speakers. 

 That’s why we are here to assist you to consider a few things while buying a good music speaker: 

Qualities of a Good Music Speaker

1. Right material 

What makes different between speakers is that the cones found in each driver may be made out of different materials. Many of the cones are made of aluminum or ceramic/glass fiber polymer. 

Most cones move like a piston to push air at certain frequencies, cones will flex instead. Flexing distorts the sound; by using more rigid materials, designers try to keep that flexing to a minimum. Speakers have different ways to minimize flex. Like PSB Speakers, are more rigid because of clay impregnated cones. 

2.Balancing out your components 

Good music speaker are made in a way to produce great sound at all frequencies. Which is done through a combination of crossover circuits and multiple drivers. The crossover circuit is the traffic cop within the speaker: That tells the tweeters to take care of the high-frequency sound, the woofer to take care of the low-frequency sound, and the mid-range driver to take care of the rest. 

3.Frequency response 

The range of sound frequencies of which the speaker can reproduce is Frequency response. The values provided for many speakers are meaningless because they’re not specifying the response flatness. 

 For instance, speakers of the home provide 20 Hz -20 kHz response at 3 dB and 40 Hz- 18 kHz response at 1 dB. On the other side, computer speakers claim 20 Hz – 20 kHz response but may rate at 10 dB or more, and hence this makes the specification meaningless. The practical measure of the frequency response is that the speakers sound good for low bass and high treble sounds. 


You’ll have to make sure the speaker has enough inputs for everything. Don’t forget the different types of connections, like 3.5mm for iPods, Phono for turntables, and USB for laptops/home PC’s. They all have advantages, so choose the one which provides the best sound quality. 


It’s important to get a decent-sized driver. Most speakers have a 40mm driver, which is a good size to start with. The bigger speakers will surely contain bigger drivers. The Sony SRS-XB41 containing 58mm drivers makes the speaker much larger. 

The number of drivers along with their placement clarifies how the speaker will sound. Smaller Bluetooth speakers typically come with a single, full-range driver and are positioned either facing upwards or downwards, in order to displace sound better. Most of the speakers have a twin driver setup for louder. Since there isn’t much space inside a portable Bluetooth speaker for a woofer, most manufacturers install passive radiators, which vibrate to produce bass. 

6.Bluetooth version 

The Bluetooth version defines the quality of audio transmission along with the distance to keep between your phone and the speaker. Usually, Bluetooth 4 is good, as it adds support for Low Energy profile, for better battery life and is about 60 meters. But Bluetooth 5 is the latest one, which improves the data transmission rate and range. 

7.Charging style 

When you’re outdoors but don’t have the cable with you then a USB charging port is a plus point for you. Nowadays most of the speakers have a Micro-USB port, which makes it possible to charge them with power banks too. 

8.Battery Performance 

Similarly, speakers require ample time for recharging. The speakers that have high standard features will definitely have battery life shorter. If you want to go with the trend then go for models with built-in rechargeable batteries or with USB ports /cables. 

9. Affordability and versatility 

Either for private use or professional use, a good speaker should be able to provide you maximum satisfaction. Also, go for a portable speaker that is efficient and budget-friendly at the same time.  

10. Crosstalk 

Crosstalk is a measure of how much undesirable left signal is mixed with the right output. All amplifiers are doing their best to be separate boxes one per channel, splitting apart the signals to make sure that it reaches the speakers. It is difficult to pick out the positions if there is more crosstalk since stereo separation is affected. 


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