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Sagoon: Social Networking Application Review

Sagoon: Social Networking Application Review

Sagoon is a social networking platform first founded in 2013 by Govinda Giri and Swati Dayal. This is a platform where you socialize and then earn rewards. This is probably the only networking platform where you earn while just using social media. It comes with a slogan: Connect, Share, and Earn. Sagoon has been continuously evolving and currently, Sagoon has come up with the Sagoon Lite app.

The Sagoon Lite app is available on android, ios, and as a web app as well. This latest version of Sagoon comes with story sharing feature only. The previous versions of Sagoon also had features like ‘My day’ and ‘Mood Talk’. But, with the new Sagoon, those features have been removed. It has over 4.5 million users from over 145 countries.

Overview of the Sagoon app

The Sagoon app is a very easy-to-use social networking app. You need to create a Sagoon account using your phone number. Then, after logging in, you will get an option to choose the topics of your interest to show on your feed. You need to select at least 3 topics. You can edit this list of topics later as well. There are numerous topics to select from including health, humor/joke, everyday life, inspire me, sports, religion, poetry, and many more.

Sagoon app topic selection

The main feature of this app is sharing stories on the platform. You can create any stories and add texts (text limit is 220 words), and share it on the platform. These stories may either be texts on a custom background, pictures, or videos. There is also the option to select where you want the stories to be seen or discovered. You can share your stories either to your circle (contacts on Sagoon), or selective contacts on your circle or under any topic.

Sagoon app feed

In addition, it also has a feature to post content anonymously so that your name won’t be shown on the post. This way, you get to express how you feel, or your talents more freely without having to feel embarrassed or worried about other people’s judgment.

choose audience

How do I earn coins in Sagoon?

Sagoon is probably the first social networking application where you will earn by just sharing, posting, or engaging on social posts. The criteria of your earning depend on the volume of your activities such as sharing stories, commenting on posts, number of likes and comments on your posts, etc. Also, you get to earn coins by referring to the Sagoon app to others. This feature by Sagoon encourages you to socialize. And, as you continue to socialize, you will keep on earning coins.

earn coins
Sagoon app user profile

What can I do with coins earned from the Sagoon app?

You can redeem these coins and use them for payments as well. But first, you need to earn 25000 coins before you can redeem those coins. After that, you can use these coins to buy recharge cards or buy gift vouchers for various businesses.
In the case of Nepal, you can use these coins to buy recharge cards of Ncell, NTC, and Smart cell. Besides that, you can also buy gift vouchers for Vegmandu, Nepmeds, Foodmandu, and Bhat-Bhateni. Also, you can transfer these coins to other friends on your contacts or send them gifts through the Sagoon app.

recharge cards
Gift vouchers

Conclusion/Our thoughts

I really do believe that this application is very creative and useful. It gives you a similar feeling as if you were using any other social media applications. But in addition, this application also provides you the opportunity to earn while sharing your content. Although it did create a lot of buzzes while it was first announced, it has not been as popular as it deserves to be. I urge you to just try this app for once. Who knows; you might just like it.

Additional Note: Currently, the Sagoon team is looking for investors to invest in Sagoon. If you are interested, then go to to know more about the investment opportunity.

Download Sagoon for android | Download Sagoon for ios

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