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What Nepali people search most on YouTube during COVID?

What Nepali people search most on YouTube during COVID?

In Nepal, it’s been about 5 months since COVID19 has been able to keep people inside their houses. Only for a short time, people go out else, they stay inside. So, having a phone and an internet connection might be enough to spend time while living inside. Almost every person from a small child to an Oldman has a smartphone due to which the social platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more are highly used.

Among many social sites, YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming sites used by many Nepali people. As various types of videos such as movies, songs, learning videos, and many more can be watched and downloaded. It is one of the ways to consume time in this ongoing pandemic.

What Nepali people search most on YouTube during COVID?

Nepali people search for various types of videos on YouTube. So below are some of the most searched videos searched by people living in Nepal.

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#Latest music videos

The pandemic is still on but the new music videos are still coming out and enjoyed by people in this platform. Many people search for the latest music videos by popular artists. Not only Nepali but people also search for international artist’s music videos.


Before people needed to wait for many days to watch interviews on TV but now many interviews are available on YouTube directly so people simply search for them by typing the related interviews in their search bar.  Thus, interviews are interesting which can help people to pass time in this pandemic.


Movies are the most preferred way to pass time in this pandemic. Movies available are free to watch. Nowadays many movies are available on YouTube. Before Nepali movies were not available on YouTube but now, they are available so people can enjoy watching movies. In Nepal mainly Nepali and South Indian movies are searched and watched.

#Trending News

Nowadays many news channels provide news through YouTube. As people are very curious about trending topics, they search for various trending news on YouTube.

#Learning videos

Not only for entertainment this social platform can also be used for learning. Various types of training, tips and tricks, cooking, and many more types of videos are available. So in this pandemic people search for various learning videos to develop their knowledge.

#Gaming Videos

This platform is very fruitful for gamers as they can upload various gaming videos. Manly the 10-25 age group people enjoy these videos. So various gaming videos are searched according to the viewer’s preference.

List of the Most searched Topics during COVID By Nepali People

1.Sushant Singh Rajput

The late Bollywood actor committed suicide on June 14 but his death is still raising a lot of questions. People search for this topic on youtube to know about the current situation of the case.


As Teej is highly famous in Nepal and celebrated by wearing sarees and dancing to various Teej songs, Nepali people search about this topic on YouTube.

3. Ajay Nagar

Ajay Nagar better known as Carry Minati who created the buzz about TikTok VS YouTube was highly searched on youtube.


Minecraft is a game in which players can make a variety of blocks in a 3D virtual environment. Also, many gamers upload videos of it on YouTube.

5.Hari Bansha Acharya

Hari Bancha Acharya is a very famous comedian and writer of Nepal. In this lockdown many people searched about him to watch his comedy videos.

6. Lockdown

Lockdown has eased in Nepal but still, the news about the second wave is trending so people search about this topic to know about the news on Lockdown.

7. Zumba

Zumba is a dance-based fitness routine. As it does not require gym equipment so it can be done at home. In this pandemic time, many people searched about these topics to keep their body fit.

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