Whirlpool started in 1911 as a small company in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Whirlpool is one of the most reliable brands for home appliances. The company offers products such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and more. Whirlpool refrigerators continue to acquire consistent marks and compliments due to their quality and reliability. It offers a variety of refrigerators including Single Door, Double Door, Multi-Door and FDBM come with innovative technologies.


Model no.CapacityNo. of doorsPrice in Nepal
200 Genius CLS Solid Color185Ltrs1Rs  28,000
200IMPC PRM 3S STL(grey)185Ltrs1Rs 29,500
200 IMPC PRM 3S STL(wine)185Ltrs1Rs 29,000
200 IM PWCOL PRM – Wine185Ltrs1Rs 30,500
200 IM PWCOL ROY – Sapphire185Ltrs1Rs 32,000
WMD 200185 Ltrs1Rs 25,650
ND- 2051IMPC ROY190 Ltrs1Rs  33,900
WDE-205-CLS-SPECIAL-FINISH190 Ltrs1Rs 32,000
Twinkle- 200200Ltrs1Rs 33,500
215 VTMG PRO PRM 3S- 200200Ltrs1Rs  40,400
215 IMPC PRM Finish200Ltrs1Rs 32,700
215 IMPC ROYAL STEEL200Ltrs1Rs 33,200
215 IMPC ROY Finish200Ltrs1Rs 34,750
230 IMFRESH ROYAL STEEL215Ltrs1Rs 36,150
230 VItaMAgic Royal Special Finish215Ltrs1Rs 37,250
230 Vitamagic PRO PRM 3S ALPHA STEL-E215Ltrs1Rs 37,700
230 Vitamagic PRO PRM 3S215Ltrs1Rs 38,050
230 Vitamagic PRO ROY215Ltrs1Rs 40,300
230 VitaMAgic Pro Royal Special Finish215Ltrs1Rs 42,000
FP 263D PROTN ROY (N) ALPHA STEEL240Ltrs3Rs 58,500  
NEO 258 ROY 2S245Ltrs2Rs 48,500
260 IM Royal Special Finish245Ltrs1Rs 49,000
NEO DF278 PRM ARCTIC STEEL (2S)245Ltrs2Rs 51,650 
NEO DF278 PRM ILLUSIA STEEL (3S)245Ltrs2Rs 55,650
NEO IF258 Nova / Elite Steel245Ltrs2Rs 41,500
260 IMFRESH ROY 3S MAGNOLIA FIN245Ltrs1Rs 41,850
WTA 26NEO 258H CLS PLUS 2S245Ltrs2Rs 48,400
NEO 258H ROY HIBISCUS (3S)245Ltrs2Rs 59000
FP 283D PROTN ROY (N) Alpha Steel260Ltrs3Rs 57,000
WTA29-R6 / NEO SP278 ROYAL Twiligh265 Ltrs2Rs  58,800
NEO-SP278-PRM-WINE-MAGNOLIA265 Ltrs2Rs 50,150
NEO 278H PRM HIBISCUS(3S)265 Ltrs2Rs 51,900
F CNV 278 ELT COOL ILLUSIA STEEL(3S)265 Ltrs2Rs 68,200
NEO 305 Royal / Elite Steel290 Ltrs2Rs 54,500
F 305 ELT COOL ILLUSIA STEEL(3S)292Ltrs2Rs 55,350
IF 305 ELT HIBISCUS(3S292Ltrs2Rs 55,950
IF INV CNV 305 ELT COOL ILLUSIA292Ltrs2Rs 57,050
F INV CNV 305 ELT WINE HIBISCUS292Ltrs2Rs 70,900
IF INV CNV 355 ELT ALPHA MOCHA(3S)292Ltrs2Rs 59,000
20150 / Protton 3 Doors FP 313D300Ltrs3Rs 60,000
FP 313D PROTN ROY FIN(N)300Ltrs3Rs 59,000
FP 283D PROTN ROY (N) Alpha Steel300Ltrs3Rs 60,000
FP 313D PROTN ROY FIN(N)300Ltrs3Rs 70,900
FP 343 PRT ROY FIN(N)330Ltrs3Rs 70,900
FP 343 PRT ROY FIN(N)330Ltrs3Rs 70,900
IF 355 ELT WINE MAGNOLIA(3S)340Ltrs2Rs 70,900
WTM-452360 Ltrs2Rs 69,800
IF 375 ELT ALPHA STL(3S360 Ltrs2Rs 74,350
IF 375 ELT WINE MAGNOLIA(3S)360 Ltrs2Rs 74,350
IF INV CNV 375 ELT COOL ILLUSIA(3S)362 Ltrs2Rs 74,350
IF 455 ALPHA STL/MOCHA(3S)  440Ltrs2Rs 89,900
IF 455 CAVIAR BLACK(3S)440Ltrs2Rs 89,900
IF CNV 455 ALPHA STEEL(3S)442Ltrs2Rs 91,700
IF 480 ALPHA STEEL(3S)465Ltrs2Rs 91,650
IF CNV 480 ALPHA STEEL(2S)467Ltrs2Rs 95,100
IF 515 ALPHA STEEL(3S)500Ltrs2Rs 94,250
IF 515 CAVIAR BLACK(3S)500Ltrs2Rs 94,250
IF CNV 515 ALPHA STEEL(2S)502Ltrs  2Rs 96,850

The table provided contains information about various refrigerator models, including their capacities, number of doors, and prices in Nepal. Here’s a short description based on the table:

The table represents a list of refrigerator models along with their specifications and prices. Each row corresponds to a specific model and provides the following details:

  1. Model no.: The unique model number or identifier assigned to each refrigerator.
  2. Capacity: The storage capacity of the refrigerator, indicates the volume of space available for storing food and beverages. The capacities range from 185 Ltrs to 502 Ltrs.
  3. No. of doors: Specifies the number of doors the refrigerator has. It can be either 1, 2, or 3 doors.
  4. Price in Nepal: Indicates the price of the refrigerator model in Nepalese Rupees (Rs).

The table includes a wide range of refrigerator models, each with its own capacity, door configuration, and price. The prices vary depending on the model and its features. Customers can choose from various options based on their storage needs and budget.

You can buy Samsung refrigerators in Nepal from the following places:


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