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Know about the budget of Nepal 2077/78 if you are an ICT Professional or ICT User in 15 points.



Government of Nepal has unveils the budget of Nepal for the Fiscal Year 2077/78. With comparison to previous year, the budget size is reduced. This year, total budget of NPR14,74,64,00,00,000 is allocated.

How ICT Sectors included in the budget of Nepal for the fiscal year 2077/78?

Research to be made for the establishment of Cyber Security Center

Government of Nepal plans to establish a separate “Cyber Security Center”. For this, the government plans to research for the establishment of this.

National Payment Gateway to be implemented from the FY 2077/78

Nepal will implement its own National Payment Gateway from the fiscal year 2077/78.

Digital Nepal Framework to be implemented

The government will focus to implement the Digital Nepal Framework according to the budget of 2077/78

IT Lab will be extended and made more effective

Government of Nepal plans to establish Information Technology Lab in 1,000 schools of Nepal. Also. it focuses on the establishment of Science Lab and Library.

Mobile App for Farmers

For providing necessary updates to the farmer, the government will lunch mobile app for farmers in Nepal.

All Malpot Services to be made Online

For the land management and reform, the system will be digitized. All malpot services will be made online.

Smart Driving License to be issued via an online platform

Government plans to provide driving license online with this budget. Similarly, for the tracking of vehicles, GPS tracking will be enabled in transportation.

Registration of Personal Incidents with Online Platform

Government will manage to register the personal incidents of the people with digital platforms. Personal incidents like birth, marriage, migration and others will be included.

Data of 10M People will be stored Online

Government plans to store the data of all citizens online. Within a year, government aims to digitize the data of 10M people.

Provide Visa to Foreigners Online

For the citizenship of foreign countries, government plans to provide VISA online.

Nepal to launch its own Satellite

Nepal will launch its own satellite if it is financially profitable. This says if this won’t be profitable, Nepal won’t luch the satellite.

Post Office will be made Technology Friendly

Almost outdated post office will be now technology friendly.

Online Medias to get ads from Nepal Government

Government will now provides the advertisement to online medias. Till this date, government was providing ads to publishing houses and broadcasting companies only.

Broadband Internet all over Nepal within two Years

Government will extend the broadband internet services all over the Nepal within two years. In fiscal year 2077/78, 4G Service will be extended all over the country.

Budget for Startups in Nepal

Government of Nepal allocates the budget of 500M for the starups in Nepal.

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