Hult Prize at SMC Successful completed “Business Canvas Model” training session


The Hult Prize at SMC successfully concluded a Mini Accelerator session on the Business Model Canvas on March 1. Mr. Prawesh Gautam was thanked for his time and devotion in providing the participants with the necessary abilities for explaining, visualizing, analyzing, and outlining their business concept.

Hult Prize at SMC

Mr. Prawesh Gautam, Deputy Director of Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Co-owner of Chiya’s, Faculty member at Pokhara College of Management and La Grande International College, and HR Consultant at Urja Lab, began the event, which was hosted by Merina Mandal, with greetings to the audience and the session guest, Mr. Prawesh GautamIn addition, he serves as the Youth Advisor of the Youth Council in Action for Nepal (YOUTH CAN), the Joint Secretary of the Pokhara Blue Sky Lions Club, and the Joint Secretary of the Pokhara University School of Business Alumni Association. He’s also a Certified Trainer in Business Skill Development.

Hult Prize at SMC

He explained design thinking to the attendees: what it is, what it is used for, what the process is like, and what the benefits are. He also discussed the criteria for a company concept and illustrated how to create a business model. He also discussed key activities, resources, and partners, as well as the cost structure and revenue streams.

Hult Prize at SMC

Despite the limitations of an online medium, the participants’ enthusiasm could be felt throughout the discussion. Every participant who attended the session was benefitted and also QA session was held to answer the participant’s queries.

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