DurbarMart’s Dashain Mela: Up to 60% off and get bumper prize worth Rs 50,000

DurbarMart’s Dashain Mela: Up to 60% off and get bumper prize worth Rs 50,000

As the biggest festival in Nepal Dashain is approaching DurbarMart, a Nepali eCommerce platform is set to kick-off Dashain Mela from October 3.

With the aim to boost and promote Nepali products and resources, In DurbarMart we can get varieties of domestic and international products. A variety of products includes Groceries, Clothing, Electronic devices, Beauty products, Sportswear, and many more.

What is DurbarMart’s Dashain Mela?

In Dashain Mela, customers can get various offers on purchases from DurbarMart. The customers will be provided with various gift hampers and discounts. The offers available for different items include:

  • up to 60% off
  • Bumper Prize worth 50,000
  • Dashain Dakshina: Free products on every delivery
  • One lucky purchase gets a Gift daily
  • Register and get Rs 100
  • Free delivery on most products
  • Dashain discount vouchers
DurbarMart's Dashain Mela

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Electronic Devices Discount

Also if you are thinking of buying electronic items from DurbarMart then these are the available discounts:


On purchase mobile from DurbarMart’s Dashain Mela, you will be assured with brand warranty and up to Rs 1000 cashback. Also, free delivery service will be provided.

DurbarMart's Dashain Mela


You will get up to 25% off in the purchase of a laptop from DurbarMart’s Dashain Mela with Brand Warranty and a free delivery service.

DurbarMart's Dashain Mela


On the Purchase of a television from DurbarMart’s Dashain Mela, you will get up to 20% off with Free Gift hampers and free delivery service with Brand Warranty.

DurbarMart's Dashain Mela

How can I place an order? 

To place an order follow these steps: 

  • Go to Durbarmart Website 
  • Choose the product you’d like to buy  
  • Add products to your cart/click ‘Add to cart’ & ‘View Cart’ .
  • Add delivery address
  • Confirm the order. 

Return and Refund Policy

Valid reasons to return an item 

  1. If the Delivered Product is defective/damaged(physically damaged )
  2. If the Delivered Product is incorrect(missing product or wrong product/ different from the shown on the website) 
  3. If the fashion product doesn’t fit. (wrong/different size)

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