Virtual IT Job Fair Hosted in Nepal Attracts 30+ Companies and 500+ Applicants

Virtual IT Job Fair Hosted in Nepal Attracts 30+ Companies and 500+ Applicants

Virtual IT Job fair in Nepal – “Virtual Job Mela” has been successfully organized. The job fair in Nepal was co-organized by Genese Cloud Academy, Girls in Tech Nepal, and Jobs Dynamic. With the participation of more than 500 youths and 30+ companies, the organizer claims the event to be successful which was held on the 1st of June 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the academic, as well as professional life, is hampered. It has been difficult for job seekers to get a new job opportunity. To help to minimize this, the organizer was motivated to host the “Virtual Job Fair in Nepal.”

In the virtual job fair, applicant were able to browse the different companies and to enter in the virtual booth of the participating companies.

Later on, job seekers and employers were connected to each other through video conferencing tools, ie. ZOOM.

Shristi Shrestha, Coordinator of Virtual Job Fair shared that they are excited to see the enthusiasm of youths and companies in the virtual fair.She further added;

“Sometimes good things come out of a tough situation. While we were planning to organize the fair, we wanted to provide an efficient way for employers and job seekers to connect with each other without having to leave their homes in this lockdown period. We are extremely glad to see such enthusiastic participation of youths and companies. With 500+ Applicants, 300+ Jobs, and 30+ Companies, we feel we have achieved our first milestone.”

Virtual Job Mela at a Glance

  • 500+ applicants
  • 300+ jobs
  • 30+ companies

Dinesh Silwal, CEO of Datalytics Pvt. Ltd., one of the exhibitors of the job mela, expressed happiness on joining the job fair.

“It was our first time participating in a job fair of this kind. Normally, we want to be in the room with somebody and look them in the eye when we want to offer them a job. But the virtual job fair is a new reality. It provided us a unique experience. We have hired a few team members through this job fair.”

Similarly, Susmita Dhital, a student of ISMT College and one of the participants in the job fair shared;

“I had a great experience with the Virtual Job Mela. As a fresher who is looking for a job, I got a chance to be interviewed from reputed companies like IMS Software, BitsBeat and so on. Similarly, as a fresher I also got an opportunity to know what kind of questions are asked in an interview, and the kinds of candidates organizations look for. These interviews gave me positive energy and power to learn and explore more for the posts I have applied. I had four interviews. Among them, the first interview was best for me. I am hopeful that they will know my skill and hire me for the position of front-end developer.”

It feels happy to see the people trying their best from their own fields of expertise helping each other during this difficult time.

This initiation of a virtual job could be the small step towards huge development in the career of many youths of the country.

Great work is done by the organizers and hoping for more such events and opportunities for the future generations of the country.

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