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Now pay your bus fare using a card

Now pay your bus fare using a card

Social distancing has become one of the most important things to remember during this pandemic. Keeping yourself away from physical contact with other people will not only save your life but also the life of other people. With this in mind, many public transportation services have introduced card payment for bus fare. Now, passengers must pay the bus fare using a card. This type of payment method is also called contactless payment.

The risk of corona transmission is high when you are transacting with cash. Moreover, the infections may remain in the cash which in turn will transfer to other people. The public transport workers are the most affected by this. Therefore, keeping in mind the health of the workers as well as the passengers, many public transports have introduced payment using card.

How to pay bus fare using the card?

To pay the fare using a card, you must first have the card. The transportation provider will sell these cards to the passengers. The cards will have certain balance on it pre-loaded. Now, when you enter the bus and when you exit the bus, you just need to scan the card on the machine kept at the bus. After that, the machine will automatically calculate the fare and deduct the amount from the amount on your card.

This method will also remove any irregularity in the bus fare. Since the prices are already determined, the transportation staff also cannot take more money than the required fare. In addition, it will also reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection as the physical contact will be reduced between the people as well.


Which transportation service providers are using card payment method?

Sajha Yatayat has already implemented this method where you can pay bus fare using a card. Similarly, Kipu Bus Sewa has also already collaborated with NMB bank and came to an agreement to install the digital payment method. Moreover, Sundar Yatayat will also use the digital payment system and install the machine for the digital payment in their buses.

Vesh Bahadur Thapa, the Director of Sundar Yatayat informed that they are installing 25 of their vehicles with the machine. In addition, they are in the process of bringing in more machines as well. They are going to install the digital payment machine in collaboration with eSewa and BAK company from China.

In the beginning, they will sell 200 cards to the passengers. The passengers that buy the Rs. 220 cards will get transportation services worth Rs. 270. The card will be valid for a year. They are also thinking of bringing a provision to return the money if they have not used all money from the card. In addition, they are also making provisions so that you can use the card money to buy other products as well.

Although such cards are already in use in foreign countries, it is the first time in Nepal. The use of such smart cards for contactless payment will mark another step towards digital Nepal. This is a good initiative and I hope that other public transportations will also adapt this system soon.

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