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Ncell Endless Kurakani Plus; Only 8 paisa per minute

Ncell Endless Kurakani Plus; Only 8 paisa per minute

Mobile service provider Ncell has unveiled a new voice offer. The company has introduced ‘Endless Kurakani Plus’ offer for its prepaid customers to talk at affordable rates within its network.

Targeting prepaid customers under its new theme ‘Plus’, Ncell has unveiled an attractive plan that will allow customers for three packages of seven days, 15 days, and 30 days.

There will be a fee of only Rs 95.77 inclusive of tax for the seven-minute on-net talk time of 7 days. The company says that you can get 100 minutes of talk time in this pack for seven days per day.

Similarly, in a 15-day pack, you will get 1875 minutes on-net talk time for only Rs 191.54 including tax. It will get 125 minutes of talk time each day.

There is an attractive 30-day voice pack for users who need more voice services. Under this pack, the company’s customers will be able to get 4,500 minutes of on-net talk time for only Rs 381.79 including tax.

It is said that you get 150 minutes of talk time every day for 30 days. A user who activates this pack will need only eight paisa per minute to communicate.

Ncell Endless Kurakani Plus

No.Ncell Endless Kurakani Voice packageVoice minutes per dayTotal Voice minutesVoice call rate per minute(with tax)
17 days at Rs 95.77100 minutes700 minutes13 paisa
215 days at Rs 191.54125 minutes1875 minutes10 paisa
330 days at Rs 381.79150 minutes4500 minutes8 paisa

How to Subscribe this Kurakani Voice Package?

These packs can be activated as per the instructions received by dialing * 17118 * 7 #. Also, you can choose endless conversation plus pack from SMS. For that, if you want to get a seven-day pack as an example, you have to type 100 and send an SMS to 17118.

Similarly, to get a 15-day pack, type 125 and for a 30-day pack, type 150, and send an SMS to the same number.

Chief Business Officer of Ncell, Pradip Srivastava, said that the voice offer was brought in line with the company’s commitment to providing quality services at affordable rates.

Under its new theme ‘Plus’, the company has launched an attractive ‘Nonstop YouTube Plus’ offer for its Forge customers.

The company, which has already started booking ‘Wirefree Plus WiFi’ service, is committed to ensuring that customers have access to the service at any moment, with innovative and special services.

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