eSewa’s rating on Google Play store is down to 2.7 stars from 4.3. Here is the reason why this happened.

eSewa’s rating on Google Play store is down to 2.7 stars from 4.3. Here is the reason why this happened.

eSewa, Nepal’s largest digital wallet is facing the issue of downfall of google play store rating in past few days.

On April 3, we have published an article, Top 7 digital wallets of Nepal on the basis of user’s rating and eSewa was on third place.

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At that time, google play-store rating of the eSewa was 4.3. And while we checked the rating of eSewa on play store today, the rating of eSewa is 2.7 stars only.


Of 23,891 total reviews, most of the users have provided a 1-star rating for the eSewa in Google Playstore.

Why Google Play Store Rating of eSewa is down?

To know about this, look at the following notice by eSewa.


The notice says:

In last few days, eSewa noticed that eSewa is being used as the payment platform for the illegal online gaming, betting. eSewa doesn’t allow for illegal activities like these.

If we found someone using the eSewa for such purposes, we will recommend them for the punishment in related office. Also, their eSewa account will be blocked permanently . If you found someone using esewa for illegal activities, please inform us.

We went through the comment section of this post on eSewa’s official facebook account.

Here are some comments:

Esewale le thulo galti garyo about 45% users rw dherai paisa halni ra kharcha garni nai gamers haru xan…. Esewa le longterm vision ko bato herera yeslai kanuni rup maaa legal banaunu parni maa ulto banned garera yesko users ra rating ghatayo

why don’t the government of Nepal regulate it instead of prohibiting the uses?

Bhayo aaba esewa chalaudinaπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Last lyang hunea πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’Khalti ra ime pay nai thikxaπŸ’•

Esewa pani aba scamharulai samaila vanda online game tira dhyan lagauna thalexΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wtf then why you don’t make international payment method .

Yo tah game aaye dekhi vako x esewa le dhilo khabar pako raix….1st maa tah esewa zone batai start vako ho…😁πŸ€ͺ🀣

e sewa ma id kholeko tw matlab nai vayena ni hjrAb dinma kamai hune baato nai tehi ho ab k gari baachne tw

K hoo para astooo esewa hamila mun parana astoo …tarika hoo ayoo….ki esewa naii band gara hunxaaa….playstore bata hataya hunxaa……jpt rukes kina launi hoo…hmro poisa j gara panii kina chasoo chayaoo teme haruu laiii

Hjur ko app 90.99% Gamers haru la use garxa Aba Yo notice la Pahila jastyo Chaldina 1millon donwload 90.99% Gamers haru la garda vako Aba Sbbai la Khlti ime pay use garxan Tinur ko 1millon 5 million hunxa E sewa ko jasta ko testai# Aafhno khutta mah aafhai bancharo hanne kam nagarnu Team E sewa πŸ˜Š

In the comment section, most of the people who are commenting seems to be the gamers and they are not liking the notice.

Again. we checked the comments on google play store. Here are some comments who have provided 1 star rating to eSewa.

This app was going nice until esewa company launched awarness about gaming issues , but now all the gamers and less transactors are using Khalti and IME pay , you should not have to make issues regarding onling gaming

Very useless app after june.We all gamers used to pay money to diamond sellers from this app but this app has banned now. We all gamers are switching to khalti and ime apps now. Very very bad app.I would like to give 0 star but there is no option for 0 star😀😀.This app is useless for gamers now😀.

We want to use this app for gaming purpose. if we can use this app for Gaming purpose We all gamer give 5 star rating.❀ There is no any medium to transfer money in nepal so we want to use Esewa.❀

Very useless after june 5. You just removed game topup seevice. We all are going to switch to imepay and khalti…..we all gamers use to use and topup from esewa.😠😠😠

As a gamer you removed our only one service through which we can send money and top up in game.

Here, we clearly see that play store rating of eSewa is down after the notice issued against transaction of online gaming.

Is this type of activities right? What’s your thought on this? Put your thoughts on comment section.

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