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Samsung’s smartwatch app will now remind you to wash your hands



Samsung’s latest smartwatch app will now remind you to wash your hands.

Samsung recently developed “Hand Wash” app to keep you healthy and fit.

During this corona-virus pandemic, you surely know how to wash your hands. For a reminder, you need to wash your hand spending at least 20 seconds. During that 20 seconds, you might have sing a “Happy Birthday” song. Have you?

Also, have you sang your favorite song during hand washing process of 20 seconds? Just to spend 20 seconds? If yes, you are doing great.

Remember, hand washing is the best way to be safe from coronavirus. Before continue to read this article, will you please wash your hand?

And for 20 SECONDS!

To make these things easy, and to remind you to wash your hands frequently, developers from Samsung have developed an app for smartwatch. This app will remind you to wash your hands regularly and keep track of it.

The developed “Hand Wash” app is for wearable galaxy watches. This app prompts you yo wash your hand regularly.

What are the features of Hand Wash App of Samsung for Smart Watches?

  • The app has customizable hand wash reminder.
  • There is wash time counter. Timer continues for 25 seconds.
  • Tracks your daily hand wash trends.

Why 25 seconds timer in Hand Wash App?

It’s simple. For turning on the tap and to apply soap, 5 seconds more is counted. Actual hand washing process is for 20 seconds.

Where can I get the Hand Wash App?

You can downlod “Hand Wash” app for smart watches from Galaxy Store.

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