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How To Save Phone Battery On Android?

How To Save Phone Battery On Android?

Higher-resolution screens along with faster processors could also be the catchy features shown by smartphone makers. But, to be honest, most of the people prefer a phone that won’t die at the end of the day. When you buy a smartphone, among the most important prerequisites like camera quality, screen size, storage, one thing which holds great importance is battery life. Users usually choose a phone which has good battery life. 

 Charging your phone all day long may be hectic therefore you wish to make sure certain measures to increase the battery life of your device. Here’s how you’ll be able to do it.

Save Phone Battery On Android

1.Set Brightness Manually 

The screen is sometimes the largest power hog in your smartphone. By lowering display brightness, you make sure that the screen uses as less power as it can. Don’t set your phone’s display brightness to automatic if you would like to make your phone battery last longer, as this implies the phone will set the brightness level with the ambient light instead of to very lowest brightness possible. 

2.Turn Off Auto-Sync 

It is true that auto-sync runs as a background process that constantly saps your phone’s battery. While turning it off are often an annoyance, if you want to save battery, switch of syncing after you think you don’t need your phone uploading your data to the server, when you snap a photo, browse something online, or change some device settings. 

3.Delete Unused Apps 

Delete unusual app background processes as these constantly eat up your charge. Use caution though, killing system processes may cause your phone to become unstable. Don’t attempt this step unless you’re aware of what you’re doing. 

4.Use Power Saving Mode 

It is advised to activate the power-saving mode. Tap on Settings followed by the Battery icon and activate the same. The feature reduces the screen’s brightness and thus uses the minimum power to keep critical functions in your device. Thus, you’ll be able to have access to texting, web browsing, and more. You should also activate this feature automatically when your phone runs out of power. 

 5.Determine what consumes the most charge 

Open the Battery section of the Android settings menu. Here you’ll see a full list of all your Apps and System Services as well as how much battery they have consumed. 

6.Hide all notifications 

You will have to hide all your notifications of your social media to reduce the battery usage. For this, you have to go to Settings and tap on Notifications then select accordingly. 

7. Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and Mobile data when not in use 

In any case, you may not need both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data switched on unless you are running a mobile hotspot. Even keeping Bluetooth on for a long time results in security risks. So it’s always best to switch off these settings when not in use. 

Healthier the phone’s battery, the foremost optimal will be its performance. 

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