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COVID-19 Nepal

COVID-19 Nepal is an opensource platform initialized by FuseMachines, Nepal. This is the platform where you can get a reliable source of information related to this current situation of COVID-19 of Nepal.

Features of Covid-19.Org Nepal

covid-19 Nepal

There are basically three main sections in the navigation bar:

  • Home
  • COVID-19 Symptoms

The home page is the landing page where there are 4 sections.

There are the tweets of the COVID-19 from their official twitter page. They had almost retweeted the news and current situation from various trustful news and media like WHO, Online Khabar, and so on.

The right part of the page shows the current history of COVID cases from all around the world. It mainly recovers total positive cases, Total recovered cases, and total death counts of this Pandemic disease Corona.

The updates are quite trustful obtained especially from the Nepal government and Johns Hopkins University.

There are the contact details of the hospitals allocated in Nepal for Covid-19 with their opening hours and contact numbers.

It also contains the immediate symptoms to know if you have exposed to COVID-19.

Below at the home page, there is detailed information of the hospitals with their capacity data.

Like the number of beds, number of ICU beds, number of ventilators, number of isolation beds, and so on.

We can even see the details province wise and district wise.

Another navigation bar takes us to a symptom page where there are detailed symptoms to check whether you are being affected with that virus or not. It is categorized in 3 range, mild, rare, and no symptoms. These are also from the trustful sources like CDC, WHO, American college of allergy, asthma, and immunology.

At last, part there is a contribution section where one can contribute to the project as whatever field you can if you want to contribute you can simply email them in their email address i.e

Our opinions about Covid-19.Org Nepal(COVIDNEPAL)

First of all huge shoutouts to the Fusemachines team for this effort and hard work shown by them. This is really a great contribution done by technology. This shows the actual change we can make from technology.

Recently, social media and fake news are spreading mental pressures all around Nepal. Fake news and media are more than they should be. People are panicking more with this.

Its really hard which news is reliable or whom to trust about covidnepal. Even everyone is not aware of how dangerous the disease is and what precautions one should take.

So, this open-source platform can actually be a reliable source to trust.

we really liked how they kept the required information on this platform. Not much, not less but exact from the very trustful sources.
Tweets from the resourceful media as a source of news, wow it’s really a good idea.

There is the section for COVID-19 cases and updates from Nepal as well as global. This section will help us to be updated with the news. We don’t have to be in a dilemma and worried about other fake sources.

The contact details of the hospitals and the information about their capacity are very helpful for those if any emergency case arises, we don’t have to waste any amount of time. It’s commendable that they have categorized this as a province and district wise. It’s really quick and easy.

Talking about the UI and UX, its actually great. The color combination, design, and user experience are simply wow. We cannot find any issues right now, all we can say is it’s really informative and trustful. The data about the hospitals are still NA but let’s hope that they get better with the updates soon.

Lastly, we really want to recommend this platform for everyone. It’s all in one platform one should be updated. Please don’t go with the fake news and let’s stay safe together. Staying home and preventing yourself is all we can do right now. As a slogan itself says let’s fight this pandemic together. Utilize your time with good thoughts and let’s contribute together however we can.

Keep Visiting COVID-19 Nepal for frequent COVID-19 updates.

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