8 signs that your android phone is hacked

phone is hacked signs

Hacking means the presence of a dangerous app, spyware, malware, or programs in order to steal your various data present in your phone. Nowadays we are highly dependent on mobile phones as it has various features which help in our day to day activities.

But everything has its pros and cons so do mobile phones. We keep every data on our mobile phones which are targeted by cybercriminals by using a wide range of malware for hacking. Our mobile gives some hints when phones get hacked or infected by a virus.

So, you may be in doubt about finding if your phone is hacked then keep calm, we have provided you with signs that will indicate if your android phone is hacked.

8 signs that your android phone is hacked

1.Sudden decrease in battery life

 You may notice sometimes that your battery level is decreasing at a higher rate than it used to be. It may be caused due to some apps containing malware that silently work on background by consuming data without the user’s knowledge.


You can go to settings of your android phone and then review the apps according to battery usage and then remove the unwanted App.

2.Excessive App permission

The user needs to allow the app permission in order to consume certain types of data. Some malicious apps may ask for permission which is not needed according to its feature. Like a game app should not ask permission of calls as it is not needed to it.


Uninstall that app that asks for permissions that are not required to it according to its feature.

3.Suspicious text and links

You may get certain text and links from an unknown sender on your mobile. And if you click it then it will direct to the download site or directly start the download. These links may be a path for malware to hack your phones.


Never click on any type of link or respond to any type of text from an unknown sender.

4. Increase in data usage

If your mobile is hacked then you may see your phone’s data usage is high. A malicious virus may communicate to an external website to download various data.


Check data usage of apps in settings and remove unwanted apps.

5. Password doesn’t work

If you input the right password in your phone but it is not accepted and you are sure about the input password then there is a high probability hacker has access to your phone and changed the password.


Immediately change the passwords of accounts linked to the phone and try resetting the phone by consulting an expert.

6.Sudden rise of pop-up ads

You may have sudden pop-up ads in your screen in spite of not using any apps. This is because of app infected with malware is present in your phone.


Open your apps option under setting option then look for apps that are not downloaded by you or apps with no name then delete that app.

7.Constant app crash and unable to update

If an app in your phone doesn’t open and is unable to update then there is high possibility of virus in that app.


Uninstall the app.

8. Apps from untrusted sites

As people love apps that have free features. Thus, many people tend to download moded apps from untrusted sites due to which malware can easily enter their mobile phones.


Always download apps from trusted and official sites or app stores.

These are signs if your phone is hacked. So to keep your phone safe download apps from trusted stores, download effective antivirus, and do not respond to unknown senders.

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