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How to get the NTC Toll-Free number?



NTC Toll-Free number get in NEPAL

A toll-free number is a unique number that can be dialed with no charge to the person who is calling but the receiving person is charged for the call. NTC provides the NTC Toll-Free number service to various companies and organizations in order to help them to build proper communication with customers, suppliers, dealers, and staff. The service is also called AFC (Advanced Free Phone).

Documents required:

  • The toll-free form which you need to download and fill.
  • A copy of the official registration letter and PAN.
  • A request letter to Nepal Telecom.


  • Reverse Charging
  • Welcome message feature
  • Unique single Advanced Free Phone number
  • Can handle 10 simultaneous calls by a single number
  • Flexible routing
  • Call Limit

Reverse charging means if MR. X calls MR. Y then instead of MR. X, MR. Y gets charged for the call.

Number Planning:

The toll-free number structure is ‘1660-01-XXXXX ‘

  • 1660 = Access code
  • XXXXX=subscribers can choose these 5-digits according to a first come first serve basis.

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NTC Toll-Free number service tariff rate:

Registration charge = NRs 1000

Security Deposit = Additional NRs. 15,000 for STD Call facility

Minimum period= 1month

Rental charge= NRs 100 per month

NTC Toll-Free number for whom?

  • Tourism based companies can get the toll-free number to give their clients a flexible as well as an economical way of making inquiries.
  • Manufacturers can also take advantage of this free number service which will make placing orders more convenient.
  • The banking sectors can use the free number so that it can enhance customer service.
  • A media company can use the service in order to make contact with their reporters.
  • Sales companies to connect with customers can use toll-free service.
  • FM stations can use this service in order to increase call participation of people.

For more call :- Toll-Free number of NTC 16601122333.

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Nepal Telecom to Launch IPTV Service from Friday 1st January



Nepal Telecom to Launch IPTV Service

Nepal Telecom is going to launch an IPTV service under Fiber to the Home (FTTH) under the NTTV brand from this 17th of Poush (January 1, 2021).

Telecom is currently providing voice and data services from FTTH service and now it is going to add IP TV service.

Is this for all places in Kathmandu?

Access to the FTTH network is essential for the company’s NTTV service. The FTTH network will be available in locations where FTTH can be reached and technically distributed. That be only inside Kathmandu Valley; ie. Sundhara, Babarmahal, Thimi, Blambu, Bhaktapur, Chahabil, Gongabu, Patan, Helambhu, Chauni, Hattigauda, Naxal, Jorpatti, Sinbu, etc.

Both Data and Voice Services

Customers who are currently using voice or data services or both services through the company’s FTTH service should contact the nearest Nepal Telecom office to get NTTV service.

What’s the requirement for NT IPTV?

To use the NT TV service, the customer buys a Set Top Box from the company and can watch NT TV on the traditional TV set and modern digital TV set used by the customer.

As NT TV service company, which has various national TV channels and foreign channels, will distribute them in different packages, the customers can choose the package according to their need and suitability.

Information about the package and rate is being prepared to be made public through the company’s website and other channels.

In addition, more useful information about NTV is available to the customers in the form of an FAQ, and information related to the connection between Set Top Box and FTTH Router is being prepared for the convenience of the customers through an appropriate mediums like Video-clip.

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Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway: Telecommunications Authority asks for MoU Verification



Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway

Memorandum of Understanding between the Nepal Army and Nepal Telecom means Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway. Nepal Telecommunications authority has asked Telecom for verification on “The signed MoU between the Nepal Army and Nepal Telecom”.  

Nepal Telecom and Nepal Army has signed an agreement to lay the optical fiber along the Kathmandu-Terai Fast track Highway on Poush 10. Nepal Telecommunications Authority has questioned the MoU stating that there is a legal provision for approval from the authority for running larger projects.

Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway: What Telecommunications Authority has to say on the MoU?

Purushottam Khanal, President of Nepal Telecommunications authority, in his release letter states that “As per Rule 11 of Telecommunication Infrastructure Regulations, 2074, approval has to be obtained from the Telecommunications Authority to build large infrastructure and Sub-rule 5 of the above rules states on Joint use of such construction”. The release says, “7 days ultimatum has been given to clarify whether the permission has been taken or not and how the MoU is done and works are being progressed”.

The release letter from the authority also includes, “Collabration talks between the Telecommunication Service provider, Internet service provider, Security department and other concerned authorities have been going on to lay the Optical Fiber on the Fast Track since Karthik 17,  this letter has been issued to clarify the facts after the news about MoU between Nepal Army and Nepal Telecom has been published”.

The Letter addresses the Managing Director of Nepal Telecom including Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Secretary General of the ministry, Defence Ministry, Road Department and Concerned Authority for Fast-Track Project (Nepal Army) in CC.

Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway: What does Optical Fiber do?

Optical fiber mainly permits the transmission of internet data over longer distances with higher bandwidths by the means of electromagnetic systems. With the agreement into effect, the NT is going to fund the costs incurred in laying the infrastructure in the designated highway that connects Terai with the Kathmandu Valley.

This Laying of Optical Fiber is believed to enhance the capacity and quality of the network in the Terai region. The route to major international internet traffic coming from India can get the shortest route too, which can result in lesser latency.

Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway also means the Telecom now can upgrade and expand their services like 5G and FTTH to many places not reached before.

The fast track road is believed to significantly boost the socioeconomic condition of the country. Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway ensuring the digital connectivity and making it more effective.

About Fast Track

Since 2017, Nepal Army has taken the construction of the expressway under its jurisdiction. The 72.5 km expressway will connect Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Makwanpur and join the East-West Highway at Nijgadh of Bara district.

The Fast track expressway project is one of the most significant national pride infrastructure development for Nepal as it provides the shortest route from Kathmandu to Terai / Madhesh. Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway has made it more crucial and attractive.

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Nepal Telecom Jado ma Nyano Offer: Enjoy free Mobile data on FTTH subscription



nepal telecom jado ma nyano offer feature

Are you a Nepal Telecom user? Have you installed the FTTH services from the company? Are you thinking to install a new plan and looking for the opportunity? It’s now! Nepal Telecom Jado ma Nyano Offer has much to offer.

Nepal Telecom Jado ma Nyano offer is a recent exciting special offer made by the Nepal Telecom for this winter. The company has to offer around 110GB of free data for its FTTH users.

nepal telecom jado ma nyano offer

Nepal Telecom Jado ma Nyano Offer: What is the Plan?

Nepal Telecom customers who purchase an annual purchase of 20Mbps or more will get 300MB of data daily on their mobile. The offer has been implemented since 16th december.

NTC customers who take an annual package of 20Mbps or higher speed by connecting FTTH (fiber to the home) line can enjoy this Nepal Telecom Jado ma Nyano Offer.

Are you upgrading your package to an annual 20Mbps or higher speed? or renewing your older package? You will get this facility too.

The company has stated that 300 MB of data will be provided daily in the mobile of such customers. Similarly, CPE required for FTTH connection and drop fiber up to 100 meters will also be available free of cost.

Nepal Telecom Jado ma Nyano Offer: How to get Mobile data?

For getting Mobile data on daily basis for one year on Nepal Telecom Jado ma Nyano Offer, the customers must mention his/her mobile number in the customer contact number in the FTTH application form. Previous customers can provide the details to the nearest telecommunication office.

After the FTTH connection, 300 MB free data can be activated per day by dialling *1416#. You can use the data 24 hours a day on all 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Once you activate the Nepal Telecom Jado ma Nyano Offer on your mobile, you can enjoy with the 300MB data for free every day. The offer remains for a year on the registered number, with about 109.5GB of data that can be used. Institutional customers can also activate free data packs on mobiles just like individual customers.

Presently, a subscription to a new FTTH line with unlimited internet package of 20 Mbps for one year costs a total of Rs 13,000 including all taxes. This offer is also available in 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps and 60 Mbps packages including 20 Mbps provided by the company.

All the packages available in FTTH service and its price details are available on the website of Nepal Telecom. High-speed data and voice services are currently available through FTTH line of NTC. You can install a new one and enjoy the double offer from NTC. Amazing, isn’t it?

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