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How to get the NTC Toll-Free number?



NTC Toll-Free number get in NEPAL

A toll-free number is a unique number that can be dialed with no charge to the person who is calling but the receiving person is charged for the call. NTC provides the NTC Toll-Free number service to various companies and organizations in order to help them to build proper communication with customers, suppliers, dealers, and staff. The service is also called AFC (Advanced Free Phone).

Documents required:

  • The toll-free form which you need to download and fill.
  • A copy of the official registration letter and PAN.
  • A request letter to Nepal Telecom.


  • Reverse Charging
  • Welcome message feature
  • Unique single Advanced Free Phone number
  • Can handle 10 simultaneous calls by a single number
  • Flexible routing
  • Call Limit

Reverse charging means if MR. X calls MR. Y then instead of MR. X, MR. Y gets charged for the call.

Number Planning:

The toll-free number structure is ‘1660-01-XXXXX ‘

  • 1660 = Access code
  • XXXXX=subscribers can choose these 5-digits according to a first come first serve basis.

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NTC Toll-Free number service tariff rate:

Registration charge = NRs 1000

Security Deposit = Additional NRs. 15,000 for STD Call facility

Minimum period= 1month

Rental charge= NRs 100 per month

NTC Toll-Free number for whom?

  • Tourism based companies can get the toll-free number to give their clients a flexible as well as an economical way of making inquiries.
  • Manufacturers can also take advantage of this free number service which will make placing orders more convenient.
  • The banking sectors can use the free number so that it can enhance customer service.
  • A media company can use the service in order to make contact with their reporters.
  • Sales companies to connect with customers can use toll-free service.
  • FM stations can use this service in order to increase call participation of people.

For more call :- Toll-Free number of NTC 16601122333.

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