One Cover Signs MOU With TechCERT

One Cover Signs MOU With TechCERT

An MOU was signed between two companies – One Cover Pvt. Ltd. and TechCERT. They will now collectively work together as consultants for carrying on the business of providing cybersecurity services, consultancy, and assessments.

One Cover Pvt. Ltd. is a cybersecurity company based in Kathmandu. This company expertise is in the domain of risk management, security solutions, IT audit, and security research & innovation. In fact, it places itself at the frontier of the cybersecurity that provides dependable security solutions needs to the organizations.

TechCERT is Sri Lanka’s finest and largest Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT). It works in collaboration with several national and global information or cybersecurity organizations. This company provides fully integrated information security services to organizations across the globe.

What does it mean for One Cover?

One Cover has expertise in domains that cover a complete cybersecurity framework required for an organization. After its collaboration with TechCERT, the company will enable it to offer enhanced solutions to its clients.

Moreover, it will help to sustain a global standard that One Cover promises to provide. One cover will also ensure reliable and consistent services as per the need of organizations.

Mutual Benefit for TechCERT

TechCERT, being the tech industry leader will make resources and expertise available to projects with One Cover. Likewise, an active partnership with One Cover to provide Cyber Security services are on the table for TechCert.

How this Collaboration Benefits Cybersecurity in Nepal?

One Cover provides state-of-the-art security solutions with experts on their field. This collaboration brings along a complete solution to help to protect and secure network and IT infrastructure in Nepal.

TechCERT will work collaboratively with One Cover in projects as an opportunity to provide Cyber Security services in Nepal. 

Insight and technical assistance from an industry leader will help take the necessary steps to improve security processes and operations at every step. This is going to bring collaborative good work for both parties.

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