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How to get bus tickets online in Nepal?

How to get bus tickets online in Nepal?

In Nepal, bus service is the main form of transportation. As the bus tickets are affordable many prefer to travel by bus. Bus routes are available to almost all parts of the country. Before traveling by bus people needed to visit the bus ticket counter nowadays bus service companies are providing online services for purchasing and booking tickets to provide better customer service. 

Where to buy online bus tickets in Nepal?

There are various websites like,,, etc. where we can get tickets online. Although all the bus routes may not be available but popular routes like Kathmandu-Pokhara, Kathmandu-Chitwan and others are available.

So, we can choose any websites for booking but the procedure to buy tickets is somewhat the same in all. 

Steps to book bus tickets:

  1. Open your browser and got to the bus ticket booking website
  2. Then fill the form with to, from, date and shift information for traveling
  3. Click Search Bus then bus list will load
  4. After that choose the bus and seat according to price
  5. Click Book
  6. Then fill the passenger’s details
  7. Click confirm
  8. After that bill appears in the screen

Payment can be done by directly digital wallets or cash. 

Refund is also available, a full refund will be given if the bus is missed due to the company problem, but no refund if the passenger misses the bus due to their own reasons.

Cancellation can also be done through the website or the company office. But cancellation fee may depend on the time you cancel.

You can also get the information about your ticket on your phone by requesting for an SMS.

Why purchase bus tickets online?

  • No need to visit ticket counters
  • Easy to choose bus and seats
  • Get ticket prices according to your preference
  • Various offers are available 

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