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Insight Workshop


Insight Workshop

IW Academy is conducting Insight Workshop with a goal to develop all-round developers here in Nepal. They are looking to produce developers that can be part of high-performing distributed engineering teams globally. The program combines practical curriculum with experienced practitioners from Kathmandu, Silicon Valley & Europe.

This program starts from the 24th of August and is a 12-week long program. During this 12-week long program, not only will the developers learn to code like a professional, but also to think and solve problems like a leader. The deadline to apply for Insight Workshop is 18th August 2020. Also, the program is free of cost.

The workshop is divided into 7 different modules. The modules of Insight Workshop are:

  1. The Big Picture: Software Engineering
  2. Fundamentals of Web Development
  3. Python Programming
  4. Backend Framework: Django
  5. Django REST Framework
  6. Frontend Library: React
  7. Capstone Project: Final Project

You can read more about the details of the program here: Read More




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Insight Workshop