A Beginner’s Guide to App Building

A Beginner’s Guide to App Building

Background Base:

Every tech person clearly knows that we don’t need to be a professional coder to create a app. We can pick one of the basic coder of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C+ in order to generate some idea of Front-end and Back-end Development. There is no any complex stuff in the creation of the application. If you know have some idea about the above mentioned programming language then you can create a complete app by yourself if not then you can hire a friends who is introduced with those languages. Tech Byte is going to gives some outlines about how to create the apps.

So Let’s Begin,

Guide to app building:

Collect a killer idea:

First step you need to done is that you can catch a paper and jot-down some idea into the paper and make it tangible. You need to list down some of the feature of the apps about the behavior, features and the working principle. Tech Byte is not saying that you need to jumps on the design because it is the first step.

Categorize the feature into two category:

The category to make is simply separate the features into two category that is must have and nice to have. In must have category you have to put some basic and the most essential features rest on another category. In such a way you can get the first outlines of the app. It helps you to accelerate the development process. Give a long time to this process because it can add the taste of your app. The benefit of this process is that your app will only focus on single and effective mechanism. Don’t try to add millions and billions features to cover the need, just add the juicy features on the apps.

Research and Research:

Try to research a lot about the app that you are creating. Don’t leave a single things while research otherwise it will be less worthy. The main things to be considered while doing the research is that address the exact category of your app and then try to search the other apps which belongs to your category. If there is rare apps on market about your category related apps then it is plus point if there is many competitors of your apps then you have to find-out the common to advance mistake which you should have to tackle. This is the perfect time to make a mindset of the business model and honing on the people wants.

Create Mock-ups:

At this point you will know the understanding of the app you are building then you know who is your target audience and why will the consumer choose your apps. Before hiring the developer and the designer you will have to sketch the clear layout of the apps then you need to shift to coding for the apps.

Don’t perform so passively during this stage because it would be the key of figuring out the user interface then it leads you to interacts to the developers or onboard team members or investors. Think once about the diagramming a story picture of the spider man you will get the complete idea about how does the functions works on the whole. Same things of your app is being happening to you. Next stage will specifically give you the complete outlook interface of your application so in this stage also you have to invest a lot of time.

Get Graphic:

It is the stage where your idea will get a real life. You have to address your own strength and the weakness, because it is the point where you looks for the Graphic designer. If you have not any clue about how to move further step then you can choose a platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, Toptal to hire the graphic designer.
In case you are alone to design then you can simply choose the templates but this is your second option. You can do Cloud computing and can also later customize it.

Build a Landing Page:

Landing page is also the most important things for you because this homepage is for your products and so on. You can grab the customer attention through this stage. If you invest your 100% effort for making this page effective then your app will surely grab the attention of the market if not your app will be the average app which can’t be able to give you the output as much as you want. You have to treat this page showing more care. In this page the key elements will be included.

If you upload the app on the play store hen the description and screenshot is mainly based in this page. Try to put some call to action like “Sign Up for Beta”, “Install Now” or the features in this page which helps the consumer believe the app is really useful for them. The main recommendation to you is that you can use WordPress to build your webpages because you need zero knowledge of HTML or CSS to put it all together.

Launch on the App Store/Play Store:

Finally your app is ready for you now you have to launch the app on the app market. Upload your app first in beta version this helps you a lot. If any of the errors occurred in your app then the users can notify to you. Then start to improve the apps and make best app as you can.


We hope these article helps you to know A Beginner’s Guide to App Building. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt

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