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How To Check IMEI Number in Any Android Phone?

How To Check IMEI Number in Any Android Phone?

The 15 digit decimal codes that is programmed in every mobile phones as an unique identification of phones used by service provider is known as IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). The main purpose of IMEI in mobile phone is to give identification to phone and the main importance of IMEI is if you lost your mobile phone and you are in problem then IMEI help with your problem, and you can use it to get a lost phone back. Police traces the mobile phone’s location by knowing the network used by the SIM card of the theft/lost mobile. Police immediately informs the nearby police station to catch a particular vehicle or individual using the IMEI number of the mobile phone.
In order to minimize such kind of problem every mobile phone user need to know or keep record of their mobile phones IMEI. There are several methods to know IMEI number. Here, we are going to give description about how to check IMEI numbers in any Android phones.

Method No.1: Dial *#06# :

Dial *#06# on Call Dial Pad to redirect mobile phones interface in IMEI. You should note it down somewhere safe or you can always take a screenshot.

Method No. 2: Retail Box or Bill :

Be 100% sure to keep your Retail Box or Bill safe. In your Retail Box or Bill there are IMEI codes mentioned.

Method No. 3: Through Phone’s Setting :

On Android, go to Settings > About > IMEI to see the IMEI number. Tap Status and scroll down to see the IMEI information.

so, these are the methods where you can find your IMEI number. Keep IMEI secure for future use.


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