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How to auto-delete your YouTube history?

How to auto-delete your YouTube history?

YouTube is the world’s leading video sharing platform which was launched in 2005. It is free to use means watching, uploading, and sharing videos costs nothing. Due to which it has gained a huge amount of users in recent years. Youtube has about 2 billion users. It contains various kinds of videos like educational videos, entertainment videos, cooking videos, and a lot more. Also, we can search for videos on YouTube. YouTube saves our search history and displays it in our search box or in history option. In order to delete, Automatic and Manual options are available to delete the history.

# Steps to auto-delete YouTube history

  1. Go to your Google account in your device
  2. Select Data & Personalization option
  3. Find Activity Controls then
  4. Select YouTube History
  5. Click Manage Activity
  6. Select the lower part of the right box ‘Choose to delete automatically’
  7. Then select a suitable time option
  8. Click Next then select Confirm
  9. All done!

Two time options are available for automatic delete :-

  • 3 months- If your history dates more than 3months then it will be automatically deleted
  • 18 months- If your history dates more than 18 months then it will be automatically deleted

# Steps to manually delete YouTube history

  1. Open YouTube in your device
  2. Click menu option then
  3. Select History option
  4. Then we can delete all History or selected History

Also, if you want YouTube to not save our history then we can pause the YouTube history. It can be done by enabling the option available under the Manage Activity option. We can also do it by using the Youtube App. In the smartphone app go to library option then select History. After that tap, the top right More option then select history controls. Then, select the Pause History option.

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