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How can I send free SMS from my computer?

How can I send free SMS from my computer?

You must be wondering why we need free SMS when we have simpler and easy forms of online chat applications these days. Even though there are multiple chat applications to send text messages, SMS is the form of texting when we need to send urgent reminders to someone on their phones. We feel more connected and assure when we SMS to someone on their phones.

So, here I am writing to you all to send free SMS from your computer. It can be useful when you had to send a reminder of meetings and events directly to the phones.

Here are the lists of website through which you can send free text messages.

7 Best Sites to Send Free Text Messages to Cell Phones (SMS)

#1. TextEm


TextEm is the website that lets you send free text messages. You need to create an account first and log in through it.

There are several benefits of using this website, it lets you curate a list of frequently used contacts and also get replies to your TextEM inbox depending upon your carrier. If not supported you can set up email replies instead.

This site supports more than 100 carriers from the US and Canada but sad you cannot message to a number outside North America.

The main drawback of this site is that you cannot bulk SMS to several numbers at the same time.

#2. SendSMSnow

send sms now

SendSMSnow is another similar free SMS service that also requires a account first to send the messages.

Once you make an account it generates you list of contacts. your profile and customized dashboard. It also receive replies in your personal inbox.

This site has feature of bulk messages but it costs a charge fir you. It charges one cent for every user in the group.

It supports worldwide cell numbers but you can expect most North American and European carriers mainly. There is a limitation of the characters of messages to 130.

#3. Txt2Day

txt2day send free sms

Txt2Day lets you send free messages online and this site doesn’t need registration. If you are the one who wants to personally send messages without exposing your information.

This site supported carriers are limited in comparison to above two websites. It is pre-dominately focused on large US companies and few European and Mexican companies like Telcel, Mobile UK, Vodafone, Movistar etc.

#4. OpenTextingOnline


Open Texting online lets you send free text messages without creating an account. It almost supports 50 countries carriers.

It covers almost North America and European Union countries but less to the locations like India, Nepal,New zealand and Panama.

The maximum number of characters per message is only 140 and you cannot receives replies in your messages.

#5. txtDrop

txt drop send free sms

txtDrop is well established name to send the free SMS online since 2013 and it has send almost 50 million messages till date according to its statistics.

You don’t need an account to SMS but your message replies can received in your email.But its sad that you can only send messges to US and Canada. Other locations are not supported.

There’s also a macOS widget available through which you will be able to send messages directly from your MAC desktop without visiting the official site.

#6. Send Anonymous SMS

send anonymous sms

This is another great website that lets you send anonymous free SMS online with no registrations and account required.As name suggests, you dont need any personal informations and its completely anonymous.This website is useful if you want to prank someone.

This website supports more than 80 different countries all around the world and it has limitation of maximum 145 characters in a single SMS.

#7 TextEmNow

text em send free sms

TextEmNow is the final service that is recommendable one to send the text messages. This website has upto 300 characters limitation that is way more than other above websites.

The site allows you to text any mobile number in the world and it has also claim that it has no log about your Ip addresses. Your data is secured and personal to send to anyone.


You can send text messages from any one of the websites which ones suits you better. Know where is the receipent and do you need replies in your emails.Check out the reachability and the services they provide.

Don’t forget to comment down which one you have used and which one is the better website for you.

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