In today’s digital world, you don’t have to worry of forgetting your password as there exists google password saving that will help you to remember your password by saving them for later in its memory. It is obviously a convenient way we all know but is it secure? What do you think, will your accounts be safe by using google password saving ?

Ok let’s see is it a boon or bane in this article. As we all face, it’s really challenging to manage the multiple passwords for which Google password manager was introduced that offers the convenient solution by providing saving and auto-filling passwords. Let’s explore.

Introduction to Password Managers

google password saving

Password managers are the tools designed to help the user to store and manage the passwords securely of the multiple accounts they sign in from google. Also, they help the user to generate strong and unique passwords for each account and store them in encrypted database that can only be accessed by the master password. Google Password Manager is one of the same tools that is integrated into google chrome and available across all the devices where you are signed in with an google account.

Benefits of google password saving

  1. Easy to log into multiple accounts without remembering the password of each and also it is interactive that provides the auto-fill feature.
  2. It gives the access to your password to any of the devices where you are signed in with your google account and also you can go through the password manager setting as well.
  3. While creating a new password google will suggest a strong and unique password.
  4. Google will notify you if your passwords are found in a security breach.

Security Concerns

What should be in your focus for saving your data in google password saving?

google password saving

Let’s see what you can do for secured google password saving. 

  1. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for securing your data so that someone can not access your google account easily.
  2. Ensure your device has a strong lock so that no one can access your password through your device.
  3. Keep your browser updated to the latest version as browser vulnerabilities can expose your saved passwords.
  4. And be cautious of phishing attempts to steal your Google credentials. Learn to recognize phishing attempts.

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Comparison with other Password Managers

For password saving purpose, you can easily find many other different popular password managers such as Dashlane, Lastpass and many more so it is important to compare them with google password manager? These alternative sites offer additional features such as dark web monitoring with VPN services and more customizable settings for security. You can choose them as per your preferences and needs with the securities they offer.

google password saving

Step-by-step instructions to use Google Password Manager

Step 1: Sign in to your google account and navigate to the password manager setting in google chrome.

Step 2: After logging to new account, google will offer you a prompt for saving password.

Step 3: Enable the auto-fill features is you want the google to fill your password every time you need to log in.

Step 4: Access your saved password with the help of google password manager dashboard for editing or deleting your password as per your requirements.

User Experience

Many of the users are finding google password saving so convenient and using it in their day-to-day life as the one have not to worry about forgetting password and can create the strong password for account safety without the concern of memorizing it. So, we can find the best reviews for Google password saving.

Future developments and Updates

Google is trying best to bring the better version each day by adding new features. Similarly, google password manager is also improving with the additional upcoming features with its securities. Hence, future updates might include even stronger encryption methods, with better user interface and more integration with other Google services.

google password saving

For furthermore updates you can visit Google Password Manager.


Hence, by the above benefits and security concerns we can say that google password saving is boon and bane at the same time. It makes easier for day-to-day activities, but the one should be concerned about the securities purpose and must follow the mentioned points above. With the proper usage, google password manager can be a powerful tool for managing your online security.

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