Create Your First Website with Free Web Hosting! Step-by-step guide!

website with free hosting

So, you are here for creating your first website right? Let’s create a website in WordPress with zero cost in web hosting. For this, we will be using a service from Here is stepwise guide for you to create a website in free hosting.

Sign Up in 000webhost for Free Hosting


website with free hosting

Click Get Started and choose free Sign Up

website with free hosting

After clicking “Free Sign Up”, you will get various option for sign up, including

  • Email and Password
  • Login With Facebook
  • Login With Google

For easiness, we have chosen login with Google

website with free hosting

Now, choose your Google account and Sign in.

You are in a step to creating your new website.

website with free hosting

You can write your website name and password. But it’s optional at this moment. We are just clicking “Create” with no username and password.

It might take few minutes to create your website in this step.

You will see the following screen now.

website with free hosting

Click on the “Manage Website” option, after hovering to the image like mountain, just above “Status : running”.

After clicking “Manage Website” goto WordPressInstall option.

website with free hosting

You will be asked for an admin username and admin password. Input your username and password, and keep it safe. Don’t forget or don’t make any mistakes here.

Keep in mind the basic requirements that a password need to have.

website with free hosting

Now, your WordPress installation process starts. Wait for a few minutes.

website with free hosting

Congratulations, you have created your first WordPress website.

After the installation process completes, Click on “Goto Configuration Page

Add your username and admin password and log in. You will be redirected to your WordPress dashboard. Now you can enjoy using your first WordPress website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to visit my website?

Simply click the “Visit Website” option just below the home icon in your wordpress dashboard. It’s on the left top.

What is my website’s URL ?

After visiting the website, as instructed in the above question, you can get your URL in address bar of your browser.

How to login to the dashboard of my website?

At the end of your website’s url, add /wp-admin. It’s default.

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