Tips and Tricks to Make Siri More Useful

Tips and Tricks to Make Siri More Useful

Everyone has love and hate relationship with Siri. Siri is Apple’s voice controlled digital assistant of iOS. Siri is powered by Artificial Intelligence AI. It is more important to us when we need to be scheduled on daily activities. Many people easily get frustrated when Siri repeatedly makes mistakes or can’t complete a task.

But you don’t need to get any stress. The Dark Side on Voice Assistants like Siri (and Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana) are the medium which does the work of bridge to connects your desired information. You don’t need to get frustrated because there are so many Tips and Tricks to Make Siri More Useful. You just need to invest your little bit time to make Siri More powerful and smarter.

In order to help you ICT BYTE, has compiled some Tips and Tricks to Make Siri More Useful. We are going to compile the range of tips and tricks fro beginners as well as for the advance users.

Quick Note: Apple company always engaged to polish their Voice Assistance Siri. so sometime you may get few interruption but you don’t need to be distracted because they solve the issue within a minute. When iOS 8 is released for the very first time Siri gained new capabilities, Since then Siri is in full power. Moreover, Siri always tends to change your lifestyle.

List of Tips and Tricks to Make Siri More Useful

Find out what Siri can do

If you are fond of iPhone lover and you have iPhone but you don’t used Siri yet then you are missing the 50% of satisfaction of iOS. Now if you want to use Siri then first things to know is the function and mechanism of Siri. If you haven’t you Siri, then must need to know that what Siri can do and what cannot do.

If you need the perfect and authentic answer then simply click and hold the Home button and question Siri “What can you do?”. Then after that Siri provides you a bundle of question and commands which you can do with her. Some of the example are Siri launch the different apps on your iPhone or ask for the sport scores etc and so on.

For the alternatives you can tap on the question mark icon in the left-hand corner to get the same result as you wish. This is the most effective Tips and Tricks to Make Siri More Useful.

If Siri makes a mistake, tell her

For the first couple of times Siri makes mistakes or misunderstand your command. In that situation your probably wants to drop-kick your iPhone. But have a patient and give her another chance to make the mistake correction.

If Siri is misinterpreting something then rather than being frustrate you can swipe down your finger on the screen and click on “Tap to edit” in order to make correction of the mistake of Siri. Here, Siri not only return with the correct answer she will also remember the previous mistake and the correction to provide better performance in the future.

Raise to speak

The simple and most common way to activate Siri is by holding down the Home Button for the few seconds but you are also provided a option to launch the app by lifting your iPhone up to your ear. But the secind option is only possible when you are’nt in the phone call. If you want Siri to be opened with this option then simply Go to Settings > Siri and then turn on Raise to Speak.

Create location-aware reminders

Since few years, Siri has become my go-to method for setting up reminders. Now, you don’t need to open reminder apps manually and even don’t need to type all the information for creating a reminder and alert. You can do this simply just with the voice command. Siri is now too much smart that Siri can do the remind to do something based on your location.

Search your notes and emails

Searching email and notes features of Siri is her ability to save your valuable time. Suppose if you have a important information of a project on your email inbox but the other recent emails have covers the project email and pushed that on the last page. Then you need to view the project in 5 minutes but scrolling and finding lost your 10 minutes then what would you do. Now Here, you can tell siri to “Find email of that project with the name of that email” which saves your lot of times.

Siri may not be totally perfect, but with a little effort on your part, Siri can help save you time and boost your productivity

We hope this post help you to know Tips and Tricks to Make Siri More Useful. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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