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How To Online Apply for Share (IPO) Using Mero Share?

How To Online Apply for Share (IPO) Using Mero Share?

Mero Share is an online portal launched by Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd (CDSC) which provides the details of share transactions with their Demat account and we can also apply for IPO, FPO, or right issues through mero share. Investors can apply online for any type of shares through Mero share. For the primary shares, rights, bonds, and other shares issued in the market we can apply through the website. Investors can use the facility through the depository participants (DP) by paying the fee and form provided by CDSC.

How to open the Mero Share account?

In order to use Mero Share, you should open an account first. There are many steps before creating the account so below we have provided the process to create the account.

Step 1: Create Demat account

To create a Demat account you should visit the nearest bank or any office that has authorized to provide the service and create a Demat account.

Documents needed

  • Citizenship certificate
  • Passport size photo
  • Bank account number
  • Identification document

Demat account will be prepared in 2 to 3 days

Step 2: CRN number

 After creating a Demat account you will get CRN number (C-ASBA Registration Number). First, visit the bank where you have created the Demat account and then apply a form for the CRN. You can get a CRN number on the other day of the application normally. Also, some banks offer users with e-banking to get the CRN number online from their bank portal.

Step 3: Get username and password for Meroshare login

Mero Share form

First, you need to fill a form available in the office with your email ID, phone number, DPID, and Client ID and you need to pay Rs 50 as a charge for Mero shares per annum. After filling all that and submitting you will get Mero share account username and password in your email.

Step 4: Meroshare Login  

Mero Share homepage
  1. Go to the Mero Share web portal of Central Depository System and Clearing Ltd (CDSC)
  2. Then select your DP and then with your login ID and password.

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How to apply for Share (IPO) Using Mero Share?

After creating your account follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to My ASBA tab and then click the Current issue. 
  2. Select the share names and number of shares as per the limit stated there.
  3. Choose the bank account (the Demat account) and then CRN number.
  4. Then you will be prompted a random number, enter it to confirm the application for the share through Mero Share account.

How to check the status of Share application?

  Go to the Application report inside My ASBA tab where you can get Allotted, pending, confirmation status.

How to renew the Mero share account?


Go to the bank where you have linked with the Demat account. Fill a form requesting to renew the account with a payment charge of Rs 50.

Digital wallet

  • Select Finance to visit the Capital.
  • Enter your full name, client ID, contact number, and the service
  • You can renew the and Mero Share & Demat account linked in the same account.
  • Pay for the required charge amount and then you will get the confirmation.
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