ProtozoaHost is a Nepali web hosting company that is known mostly for providing amazing customer service. ProtozoaHost offers different services including domain registration, student hosting, WordPress hosting, and reseller hosting services. They have been providing hosting services in Nepal for last 3 years. Their aim is to provide hosting plans at an affordable and honest price but as a local hosting to make it everyone in Nepal too easy to host sites Protozoa hosting have been delivering outstanding authenticity and transparency in their promotions with the best prices of hosting plans. 

Protozoa host have exciting hosting packages. These packages are reasonable with a variety of features. Let’s check out the packages in brief

Combo Packages In Nepal

Protozoa is providing .com domain for free with every Combo Plan. Within Combo Plan there are 9 different variants. They are:

  • Combo Student Plan
  • Combo Startup Plan
  • Combo Economy starter Plan
  • Combo WordPress starter
  • Combo WordPress Basic
  • Combo WordPress Ultimate
  • Combo Business Starter
  • Combo Business Basic
  • Combo Business Ultimate

Details about Packages

PackagePriceStorageDatabaseI/O usageEntry Process
Combo Student PlanRs. 2296/yr1GB Pure SSD110MB/s20
Combo Startup PlanRs. 2696/yr3GB Pure SSD110MB/s20
Combo  Economy StarterRs. 3296/yr10GB Pure SSD215MB/s20
Combo WordPress StarterRs. 1999/yrUnmeteredUnlimited10MB/s20
Combo WordPress BasicRs. 2999/yrUnmeteredUnlimited15MB/s30
Combo WordPress UltimateRs. 3999/yrUnmeteredUnlimited20MB/s50
Combo  Business StarterRs.6988/yr15GB Pure SSDUnlimited30MB/s30
Combo Business BasicRs.12988/yr30GB Pure SSDUnlimited50MB/s50
Combo Business UltimateRs18988/yr60Gb Pure SSDUnlimited75MB/s75

Mini Hosting Plan in Nepal

Within the mini hosting plan, ProtozoaHost is providing One Domain Hosting. Mini Hosting Plan consists of the following plans.

  • Student Starter
  • Startup Starter
  • Economy Starter

Details about Mini Hosting Plans

PackagePriceStorageDatabaseI/O usageBandwidth
Student StarterRs. 1196/yr1GB Pure SSD110MB/s10
Startup StarterRs. 1596/yr3GB Pure SSD110MB/s30
Economy StarterRs. 2196/yr10GB Pure SSD215MB/s100

WordPress Hosting In Nepal

This hosting package by ProtozoaHost is recommended mostly for startups and small business websites. This plan is providing unlimited SSD, Bandwidth, Free SSL, Free Email, C-Panel and 1-click installer.

The WordPress Hosting plan includes 3 different packages. They are:

  • WordPress Starter
  • WordPress Basic
  • WordPress Ultimate

Further details about the package is given below:

PackagePriceRAMEntry ProcessI/O usage
WordPress StarterRs. 999/yr1GB2010MB/s
WordPress BasicRs. 1999/yr2GB3015MB/s
WordPress UltimateRs. 2999/yr4GB5020MB/s

Business Hosting In Nepal

Through the Business Hosting package, ProtozoaHost is providing high-power fully managed server services. Besides these, Protozoa is delivering free SSL, free E-mail, C-Panel, and 1-click installer.

The business hosting plan has 3 different packages.

  • Business Starter
  • Business Basic
  • Business Ultimate

Further details of this package are given below.

PackagePriceStorageRAMI/O usageEntry Process
Business StarterRs.5988/yr15GB Pure SSD3GB30MB/s30
Business BasicRs. 11988/yr30GB Pure SSD4GB50MB/s50
Business UltimateRs. 17988/yr60GB Pure SSD6GB75MB/s75

Python Hosting In Nepal

Python Hosting package by ProtozoaHost is recommended for Startups and Small Business websites. The package includes unlimited bandwidth, SSD space, free SSL, free email, and a 1-click installer.

The python hosting plan also includes three packages. They are:

  • Python Starter
  • Python Basic
  • Python Ultimate

Further details about the package are:

PackagePriceRAMI/O usageEntry Process
Python StarterRs.999/yr1GB10MB/s20
Python BasicRs. 1999/yr2GB15MB/s30
Python UltimateRs. 2999/yr4GB20MB/s750

Node JS Hosting In Nepal

Node JS Hosting package by ProtozoaHost is recommended for Startups and Small Business websites. The package includes unlimited bandwidth, SSD space, free SSL, free email and a 1-click installer.

The Node JS Host also includes the 3 best plans.

  • Node JS Starter
  • Node JS Basic
  • Node JS ultimate

Further details about the plans are:

PackagePriceRAMI/O usageEntry ProcessHosting
Node JS StarterRs.999/yr1GB10MB/s20Single Domain
Node JS BasicRs. 1999/yr2GB15MB/s30Two Domain
Node JS UltimateRs. 2999/yr4GB20MB/s50Single Domain

The plans offered by ProtozoaHost support Imunify 360 which is centralized for malware protection and different attacks.

Why to choose ProtozoaHost?

ProtozoaHost is very action-oriented, decisive, and are open to interaction with their co-workers and customers. By providing high-quality service at a reasonable price ProtozoaHost is helping clients to successfully launch the website or business.

The plans provided by ProtozoaHost are accommodated according to the requirements of the Nepali market and taste. The plans from ProtozoaHost are eligible for hosting from resume website, blog website to medium and large scale industry website. By offering cheap domain registration in Nepal the combo plans offered by the company is very affordable.

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