Curd Maker Samsung Refrigerator in Nepal

Curd Maker Samsung Refrigerator in Nepal

 Making curd is not an easy process as it needs proper technique and perfect temperature. so, to resolve this problem. Samsung has released the ‘Curd Maestro’ world’s first Frost Free Refrigerator that makes fresh curd and also preserves it. Curd Maker Samsung Refrigerator is available all over Nepal from Samsung authorized distributors from August onwards.

Samsung refrigerator can prepare the curds only in 3 steps and also it will only take about 5 to 6 hours to prepare it. Curd can also be stored for 3 days in the refrigerator.

How to use Curd Maker Samsung Refrigerator?
There are only 3 steps to make the curd


Take out the container from the refrigerator and then in lukewarm milk add curd starter/culture and stir it well. After that put the container back in the Curd Maestro refrigerator.


Two curd options are available thick curd and soft curd. Press the ‘Curd’ button on the display to select ‘Thick’ curd or ‘Soft’ curd option according to your preference. After that rest the mixture (approx. 6.5 hours for soft curd and approx. 7.5 hours for thick curd ) for fermentation.


When the ‘serve icon’ lights up then it indicates that the curd is ready to serve. Enjoy!

Curd Maker Samsung Refrigerator
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Features of Curd Maestro:

# Twin cooling

By the help of Twin cooling which controls the humidity so that we can enjoy our food fresh anytime.

#Base Stand Drawer

This drawer is the place where you can keep fruits and vegetables which can stay fresh at room temperature and do not need cooling.

#Digital Inverter Technology

 It uses Digital Inverter Technology for energy efficiency, less noise, and long-lasting performance as it controls the speed according to the cooling demand and saves power.

#Voltage protection

Stabilizer Free Operation looks after the power and then protects from any electrical damage.

Convertible modes of Curd Maker Samsung Refrigerator

Curd Maestro has 5 convertible modes:

1.Normal mode (up to 40% extra saving)

This mode is for everyday use. Both fridge as well as freezer can be used to keep our food fresh.

2.Extra Fridge mode (up to 62% extra saving)

This mode helps to make the refrigerator more spacious as freezer is converted to fridge.

3. Seasonal mode (64% extra saving)

This mode is also called the ‘low bill mode’ as only the fridge is used and freezer is turned off.

4.Vacation mode (55% extra saving)

As the name says it is used when we are on vacation. Only the freezer is kept on to preserve our food for a long time and the fridge is turned off.

5.Home alone mode (75% extra saving)

Similarly in this mode the freezer is used as mini-fridge and fridge is turned off.

Price in Nepal

The curd making fridge is available in 253-litre as well as 315-liter capacities. Its price will start from NPR 63990 up to NPR 78990 in Nepal

Samsung Curd MaestroNPR 63990 up to NPR 78990

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