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4G vs 5G: What are the Network Differences?

4G vs 5G: What are the Network Differences?

The world is moving towards the technical era where we search for easiness and betterment in each sector. Initially, we were satisfied without the internet and other machinery tools but later as the technology was introduced, we got attached to it so sooner and 4G vs 5G is the outcome of the moving technology that deals with the latest changes in network era.

Similarly, in Today’s world, the network has a vital role in everyone’s life as we need the internet with the fastest speed as well. And following this path we are here in the 5th generation of the network.
Talking about the network differences between 4G vs 5G, one of the key differences is the speed where 4G offers 60 to 98 ms latency whereas 5G offers less than 2 ms. Hence, we can say that the new generation is a response to the issues created by the old generations


Fourth generation of mobile network technology as well as the 5th generation’s predecessor is named as 4G. It was introduced to provide ultra-fast data transfer speed, better capacity for mobile communication, and improved constancy.

4G Vs 5G


Similarly, 5G is the fifth generation of mobile technology as well as the latest generation of cellular technology. Besides network speed, its other benefit is real-time communication capabilities.

4G Vs 5G

Differences between 4G vs 5G

Here are the comparisons between 4G vs 5G pointing their key differences:


Speed is one of the essential parts of a network and observing from the beginning, with each generation of the network speed takes a new leap. Here as well there is a vast difference in speed in the 4th and 5th generations that makes the latest generation far better from the rest of the others.

4G vs 5G

In 4G, the speed typically ranges from 10-50 Mbps, offering peak theoretical speeds up to 1Gbps. Similarly, 5G has definitely a high speed of up to 10Gbps and hence enables ultra-fast downloads and uploads.


Latency is the measure of time that a packet of information takes to travel between two points. The average latency of 4G ranges from 20-30 milliseconds whereas 5G reduces the latency as low as 1 millisecond. The low latency helps in other areas such as faster application download.

Coverage and Capacity

4G supports about two thousand devices per square kilometer and is still not able to give the facilities to all the areas even after these years of providing services. But 5G supports One million devices per square kilometer and has a huge probability that it will serve its facilities to urban areas as well.


Talking about the bandwidth difference, 4G uses a maximum 20MHz channel for data transmission while 5G uses a range of 100MHz to 800MHz channels for data transmission. This huge difference states that 5G can transmit more data effectively in comparison to 4G.


As mentioned above, 5G is the response to the issues that popped out in 4G that makes 5G even more better in the comparison 4G vs 5G. Coming to the technology, 4G is based on LTE (Long Term Evolution) and WiMAX technologies, and 5G is based on millimeter wave spectrum and Massive MIMO (Multiple Input and Multiple Output) technologies which strongly reflects that 5G is more effective and hence gives better performance.

Network Architecture

4G uses traditional RAN (Radio Access Network) which is complex and has limited efficiency but 5G uses C-RAN (Cloud Radio Access Network) as Network Architecture which makes it ultra-fast and better than 4G.

4G vs 5G

Potential download Speed

4G stated that it would provide the better speed and hence introduced various VoIP capabilities but 5G worked on it and enhanced the better potential download speed. The download speed of 4G hit 1 Gbps whereas the goal of 5G is to increase the maximum download speed up to 10Gbps. Hence 5G holds potential download speed in comparison between 4G vs 5G.

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4G Vs 5G

Hence these are the key differences you will find out in between 4G vs 5G Networks. Hence you will encounter the betterment of 5G when compared to 4G as the new generation always heals the issues that are encountered in the old one and so here in this blog, we have listed the comparison between 4G vs 5G. And here we can say that the transition to 5G will obviously unlock the new possibilities in technology.

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