Top 5 Open Source Video Player For Linux

Top 5 Open Source Video Player For Linux

Are you wondering about which video player should you use on Linux? Well, it is little bit easy and little bit hard to find out the best video player for Linux operating system. You can watch many platforms of video streaming services fro Linux like you can watch Hulu, Prime Video and/or Netflix on Linux. The best things that you can do with Linux for watching the video is you can download the video from you tube and watch them later as your wish. If your country doesn’t support the Netflix and other same streaming services then you may have to rely on torrent services like Popcorn Time in Linux.

The biggest misconception on the modern people is that they used to think that watching the movies, serial and other show from the computer is a ancient tradition but it is not yet. This stuff is always in trend unless next revolution will happens. Using the default video player is not a problem for you in Linux distribution but if you want to use more open source video player then you should try other video player for Linux.

In this article we are going to mention some of the open-source video player for Linux distribution. So Let’s get started…

VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is undoubtedly one of the best choice. As it is most widely used software you can easily trust the software and make it as a best alternative video player. It is powerful software which have the capability of handling the different files format. You can use different filters to video.

Key Highlights:

  • It has built-in codecs
  • You can get various customization options
  • It is well known cross-platform
  • It supports every video file format.
  • It has enough extension with available for added functionalities


Mplayer is another impresive free software for video player and it is a video player engine also. It doesn’t support intuitive users experience but it supports a wide rang of output divers with the various subtitle files. MPlayer is bit different player which doesn’t support GUI (Graphical User Interface). We can found only one MPlayer in GUI but that doesn’t work well.

Key Highlights:

  • It has a wide range of output drivers
  • It supports major file formats
  • It is a cross-platform
  • It is based only on command-line


As we know SMplayer uses MPlayer as the main playback engine so it can supports a wide range of formats. Without the annoying ads from youtube it can let the users to view a video from internet. Similar like the VLC Player this also comes baked in with codecs. The main advantages of it is you don’t have to worry about it’s installing process and make it work. unless there arise a specific need.

Key Highlights:

It can supports all major video formats
It comes with built-in codecs
It has a cross-platform (Windows & Linux)
It can able to play ad-free YouTube video
It also opensubtitles integration
You can allowed to customize the UI
It is based on the MPlayer engine

MPV Player

MPV is the video player with a streamlined minimal UI then this will be a best options for you. It offers some of the special feature that you would expect from a standard video player. It will also runs on Windows/ Mac system.

Key Highlights:

  • It is the minimalist GUI
  • It is video codecs built in software
  • It is high-quality video output by video scaling
  • It is based on cross-platform
  • You can watch YouTube Videos via CLI

Dragon Player

Dragon Player is specially designed foe KDE desktop users. Dragon player is a dead simple player with all the basic features. It can support some major files format but doesn’t display out the fancy materials.

Key Highlights:

  • It has very simple UI
  • It is specially tailored for KDE
  • It also supports playing CDs and DVDs

We hope these guidelines help you to know Top 5 Open Source Video Player For Linux. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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