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10 Best Linux Apps You Must Have For Everyday Use




Everyone must have heard of operating systems like Windows OS, Android OS, macOS, and IOS and used them as well. These OS are the most commonly used operating system and are known to general. However, there is another operating system called Linux, which is common but only to technical people.

Linux is an open-source operating system which is similar to other available operating systems. Since Linux is open-source, it is free and available to the public. Users with appropriate skill sets can view and edit Linux operating System.

Linux can also be customized as preferred by the users. Known for its security and flexibility, Linux also supports a large community of users.

Linux offers a large number of essential applications and software packages bundled with the OS. However, because of its customizability, the OS is in constant development along with the apps that run it.

Hence, finding the right apps according to your need can be a hassle and a bit confusing.Therefore, in this article, I’ll be putting together a list of best Linux apps for daily use.

Let’s have a glance at the 10 best must have Linux apps for everyday use.

10 Best Linux Apps

  1. Liferea
  2. Fragments
  3. GNOME Boxes
  4. Visual Studio Code
  5. KTouch
  6. Krita
  7. GIMP
  8. Stacer
  9. Shotcut
  10. Calibre
  • Liferea: Liferea, a free and open-source application specifically developed for Linux OS. It is a feed reader for Linux which lets users access every recent post or story from multiple websites in a single location. Users can build their favorite feed lists or place a similar type of feed in a single folder. Moreover, along with reading news posts and stories, users also can log in, access, and play podcasts directly through the application.

  • Fragments: Fragment is a BitTorrent client that is among the fastest, simplest, and smoothest. Users can use fragments to download and import large media files such as videos or images through the use of torrent file on other devices that uses the Linux system. This application is free and has a simple UI.

  • GNOME Boxes: You should have used or at least heard of the virtual box in Windows OS. GNOME Boxes is an easy substitute for VirtualBox which enables users to build virtual machines (VMs) for creating, exploring, and learning activities. In addition to virtualization, this application allows users to connect and operate their remote OS.

  • Visual Studio Code: Visual Studio Code also known as VS Code is a powerful code editor from Microsoft with various software development and implementation tools. It is one of the best programming language editing tools not just for Linux but other OS as well. It has various features like “Git integration, built-in command line integration, extensions and plugins, easy debugging” and many more.

  • KTouch: KTouch is an application where users can practice and improve their typing skills. It is an easy typing application program in which users are provided with the text to practice and the result of the practice as well. KTouch also lets users use the on-screen keyboard as an option.

  • Krita: Krita is a digital painting application program for Linux. Krita offers a completely featured professional studio for the creation of “concept art, comics, paintings” and many more. Any user looking for professional apps for art, Krita is the best option to choose from. With the latest software updates, Krita has also updated its features to offer more to the users.

  • GIMP: GIMP is another editing tool on the list. Unlike other editing tools, GIMP is an image editor application for Linux. Users can use GIMP for editing and retouching images. The application provides users with an option to download and add various Photoshop plugins as well.

  • Stacer: Stacer is specifically building for monitoring and optimizing the Linux Operating System. Therefore, it is also known as Linux System Optimizer. Stacer can be used by users to visualize and monitor different factors of the entire Linux system. It includes launch software, databases, utilities, settings, log files, and many more. The application also allows users to customize the features available.

  • Shotcut: Shotcut, unlike GIMP, is a video editing app that is available for operating systems including Linux, Windows OS, and macOS. The application offers support for new video and audio technologies and also provides video and editing abilities.

  • Calibre: Calibre is a safe, simple, and free platform-independent software program that delivers an entire e-book answer. It is an advanced e-book organizer where users can view, transform, modify, and build a collection of online books in almost every significant e-book file type.

Written by – Koshal Pandey

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