Sikai Chautari – Learning Portal by Nepal Government is hijacked website domain of private company!

Sikai Chautari – Learning Portal by Nepal Government is hijacked website domain of private company!

Elearning Pvt. Ltd., a privately registered company in Nepal blames Nepal Government, Ministery of Education, Science and Technology, Center for Education and Human Resource Development for hijacking a domain own by them.

Publishing a facebook post on a page “Elearning Nepal”, they said their official domain is hijacked.

What is eLearning Private Limited?

Elearning Private Limited is privately owned company in Nepal.

According to the official website of “Office of Company Registrar”, eLearning Pvt. Ltd. was registered on 2070-11-8 with registration number 119944.

This company is providing educational services with the help of technologies from the date of it’s establishment.

Also, their company’s official website was registered on 24th of March 2014.

While we check the on internet’s archive, it is seen that the domain was already running with the same name before the government has announced Sikai Chautari – Learning Portal.

What Elearning Private Limited says on this?

After they came to know about their domain‘s name server was changed without their permission, the company contacted Mercantile Private Limited. Mercantile is the company which issues .np domains.

Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. replied them an email which states, “They have not changed the domain, and we should send them an authorized letter if there is any problem.”

In their facebook post, they said they are seeking for justice against such types of malprictice.

Our Concern

Sikai Chautari is one of the best initiative of Government of Nepal for enabling technology in education sector. But the way it “hijacked” a domain of private company really seems unethical.

If the government needs the same domain, they could have contact the domain owner. Domain owner might not have issue to provide the domain to government in such good platform. But this malpractice of unethically taking other’s domain is really a sad thing for Nepali tech industry.

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