Microsoft’s Edge Secure Network: A Built-In VPN Service for Safer Browsing Experience

Microsoft’s Edge browser now offers a VPN service known as ‘Edge Secure Network.’ This new service is currently available to a limited number of users and uses CloudFlare technology to ensure a secure internet connection.

Edge Secure Network claims to offer protection for both devices and sensitive data while browsing. The built-in VPN in Microsoft Edge creates an encrypted tunnel for traffic, securing the internet connection, and preventing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from accessing the user’s browsing data.

However, Edge Secure Network’s VPN service does not offer additional features like location selection, limiting access to prohibited websites and apps. While it can provide access to torrent sites blocked by ISPs, it may not be as good as other paid VPNs available in the market.

Despite its limitations, Edge Secure Network offers an added layer of security for Microsoft Edge users. By creating a secure and private connection, users can enjoy more peace of mind while browsing the internet.

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