UNICTS Nepal to Organize a webinar – Role of Telecom Players During Covid-19 Pandemic

UNICTS Nepal to Organize a webinar – Role of Telecom Players During Covid-19 Pandemic

On the occasion  of “World Telecommunication Day” on 17th May 2020, UNICTS Nepal, an affiliate of UNI Nepal is organizing a webinar on “Role of Telecom Players During Covid-19 Pandemic”

This webinar aims to connect Telecommunication Service Providers, regulatory body, Nepal Government and experts of telecommunication technology. In the event, consumers, TelCos journalists, civil society, employees, workers, trade unionist will participate.  This webinar will be hosted in a Zoom and for 1hr 30 minutes.

The webinar will be LIVE streamed on Facebook and YouTube channels as well.

UNI ICTS Nepal Event

What are the objectives of the webinar – “Role of Telecom Players During Covid-19Pandemic”?

  • To make public aware about the tasks carried out by telecommunication service during this pandemic.
  • To discuss the effects on soci-economics, health and security , OHS of employees in this unfavorable condition.
  • To celebrate World Telecommunication Day and to find common strategy to solve the problems.

Panelist of the Webinar

  • Radhika Aryal, Secretary, Ministry o Information, Communication Technology, Nepal representing government
  • Purushottam Khanal, Chairman of Nepal Telecommunication Authority representing regulatory body.
  • Dilli Adhikari, Managing Director of Nepal Telecom representing the service provider
  • Andy Chong, CEO, NCELL representing the service provider

What will be discussed in Webinar?

  • Role of service provider for uninterruptable voice and data service during this pandemic.
  • Management of load challenges and network congestion in this difficult situation. Also, to address the excessive demand of data in this period.
  • Response and support from regulatory body in difficult situation.
  • Health and Security issues of the workers during this pandemic.
  • World scenario and South Asian Telecommunication Areas
  • Effectes of lock down and way forward.

Who can Participate?

  • Policy makers of this sector
  • Officials of regulatory authorities
  • Government officials
  • High officials from Service Providers
  • Professionals, Managerial Staffs and Network Engineers
  • Experts, Telecom Analyst and Journalists
  • Consumers and Students
  • Employees, Trade Unionist and relevant persons


17th May 2020, 3PM to 4:30 PM


Zoom Meeting. Link will be provided later.

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