Transfer Funds Directly Using Mobile Numbers in Connect IPS!

Sending money has never been easier – now you can transfer funds directly using just a mobile number through Connect IPS. Say goodbye to the hassle of keeping track of bank account numbers and branches when sending money to any bank account. With the introduction of the ‘NepalPay Instant’ feature, the company has made this process a breeze.

How to transfer funds with a mobile number in Connect IPS?

  • To get started, simply open the Connect IPS website or mobile app
  • and select the ‘NepalPay Instant’ option at the top.
  • Then, choose your bank account under ‘Sender Account,’ enter the amount in the box below,
  • and select the beneficiary’s bank from the network/bank options.
  • From there, select the bank name and mobile number from the ‘Select Bank’ option below.

To complete the transaction, review the details and click on the ‘Pay’ option. This service is now available on both the website and mobile app, and will soon be accessible through other channels as well. The company has implemented a system based on Virtual Private Address (VPA) to facilitate this service.

There are limits to the amount you can transfer, however. The web channel allows for up to 10 lakh rupees per transaction and up to 20 lakh rupees per day, while the mobile channel allows for up to one lakh rupees per transaction and up to two lakh rupees per day. Take advantage of this convenient and efficient service for hassle-free money transfers.

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