THE HULT PRIZE 2022 | Entrepreneur in you

THE HULT PRIZE 2022 | Entrepreneur in you

The most awaited event of the year has finally arrived with the Hult Prize where students are challenged to solve the pressing social issue with regards to putting forward the ideas that helps in bringing positive change throughout the globe and the winning team is funded with one million dollar as global startup prize for its anchor activity. Every year thousands of students from more than 100 countries and 2000+ universities across the globe participate in the biggest social entrepreneurship event.

Among many universities from all around the world, students of KU have also been participating in this year long competition. This year challenge is Call to Action: Getting the world back to work where the business has to employ at least 2000 employee by 2024. In an effort to assist students’ entrepreneur ability, KUSOM conducted its first virtual session ‘Entrepreneur in you’ by inviting most aspiring entrepreneurs of Nepal. Our four eloquent guest speakers for the event were, Mr Bhas Raj Pathak- CEO at Summus Engineering and Consultancy, Mr Suraj Pandey- CEO of FIBRO, Co-founder and National coordinator of COVID Connect Nepal, Mr. Sandesh Mahat- Founder of the Wastra Factory, Co-founder of Studysperctra and Saystation and Ms. Aditi Goyal- Founder of Learn Infinity. The prime purpose of this session was to enhance the inner entrepreneur ability of the students and escort them about the challenges they might have to confront as an entrepreneur.

Every entrepreneur journey is loaded with different challenges, difficulties, and victory thus those stories have to be heard with an aim of not repeating the blunders, being aware of what shall bring hindrance and above all, how the problems can be tackled and solution can be introduced and also for helping the students for the Hult Prize, our four entrepreneurs shared their journey and provided with guidance. It is also important to question ourselves, who we are, what are our major interests and our skills, what excites us the most, and does the knowledge and skills we have is abundant for tackling the problems. These were the factors discussed by the entrepreneurs in the event. Likewise, they also spoke on having a good financial management, team work and delegating time for our project. Similarly, our guest speaker also explained despite of facing difficulties at most time, they did not give up. Nevertheless to say, every individual is born with the talent of being an entrepreneur and it’s prominent to hone our skills that can lead to the betterment of the world and bring positive impact in the environment as a result this event was conducted. Therefore, if you believe you possess these abilities than the register your team for the Hult Prize 2022.

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