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Singati Hydropower IPO Result Date



Singati Hydro Energy Limited (SHEL) had issued IPO for general public starting from March 19 and ended on 23rd of March 2021.

And now, people who have filled IPO of Singati Hydro are awaiting the result of IPO restlessly.

In this article, we are giving the date for IPO result of Singati Hydro.

Singati Hydro has 1.45 Crore registered shares. 29 lakhs among this is issued as an IPO.

How many people applied for the IPO of Singati Hydro?

16,22,721 applications was there for a total of 2,47,10,880 units of IPO of the Singati Hydropower.

This is more than 9 times of the required applicants.

Singati Hydropower IPO Result Date

Most probable date for IPO result of Singati Hydro is 9th of April 2021, Friday.

Singati Hydropower IPO Result Check

Singati Hydropower IPO Result Check!!!

If you have applied for the IPO of Singati Hydro, you must be checking where can I check the IPO result of Singati Hydro.

You can check IPO result of this company by two methods

  • From Meroshare
  • Official website of Mega Capital Market

How to check Singati IPO result form Mero Share?

To check the IPO result, follow this link

ipo result check

After going to this site,

  • Select the company name i.e Singati Hydro
  • Enter your 16 digit BOID
  • Click view result

How to check Singati Hydro Result from Mega Capital?

Since the issue manager of Singati Hydro’s IPO is Mega Capital, just visit the official website of Mega Capital to check the IPO result.

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