Ma ra Mero Society ; Hult Prize at KUSOM

Ma ra Mero Society ; Hult Prize at KUSOM

With the success of the first virtual event, Hult Prize organized second virtual event titled “Ma ra Mero Society” in collaboration with KUSOM Social Club and the program was sponsored by Asmita Publication. With the primary focus on enhancing students knowledge especially on the social entrepreneurship and to help them assist honing their skills, Hult Prize at KUSOM invited four eloquent guest speakers Mr Asish Thakur – Founder of Glocal Pvt Ltd, Ms Prakriti Mainali- Founder of Omana Hotel and Cofounder of Shakti Milan Nepal, Ms Shubhangi Rana- cofounder of Pad2go and Dr. Manu Karki- Founder of Eco Sathi Nepal. Their immense knowledge on being a successful entrepreneur not only provided us with gigantic business ideas, but it also assisted on bringing the positive impact that benefits our society.

Our society is always giving us indifferent forms that have been very much beneficial in building new ideas into a business action. With the invention of new innovations and technologies that are stimulating our life with ease, not only are the resources being sacrificed but the globe has not much advanced in bringing and addressing social issues regarding women health, sanitation and women empowerment. Therefore, in an effort to guide students not only by assisting them in developing new business ideas but also to address and solve social issues that are hindering our society from development, our four entrepreneurs shared their journey.

Safety, protection and good health are very important, especially to women, but many women deprive of their rights so in order to solve this burning social issue, Pad2go and Shakti Milan Nepal emerged with the idea of helping women by making vending machines available for purchasing sanitary pads and by ensuring access to all resources, health care facilities and rights for women, Pad2go and Shakti Milan Nepal are running their organization. Likewise, by recycling the resources and with the aim of manufacturing eco-friendly products, Glocal Nepal and Ecosathi Nepal have been able to achieve its goal towards solving the social issues.

After all, Hult Prize is all about ascertaining solutions for the most burning social issue that is lacking the development in the country, so with the aim of assisting students who are participating at Hult Prize especially with social entrepreneur skill this session was organized.

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