Hult Prize at IOE Pulchowk Campus 2022, an orientation program conducted at the highest level

Hult Prize at IOE Pulchowk Campus 2022, an orientation program conducted at the highest level

You probably know enough about the Hult Prize already. But just in case you weren’t present in its orientation on the 2nd of this December at IOE, Pulchowk Campus, here is a quick digest to let you know what happened.

The Hult Prize, also recognized as the Nobel Prize for students, is a year-long, global competition that challenges young people to solve the most pressing issues of the world by creating innovative social ventures. It is a well-deserved title as the winner is rewarded with 1 million dollars to bring their design to reality.

The orientation started with the welcoming of guests. Mr. Vardaan Devkota, the youngest fashion designer and entrepreneur in Nepal, Ms Prakriti Osti, fashion content creator and entrepreneur, as well as Dr. Subarna Shakya and Dr. Basanta Joshi, professors at the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, IOE, were present. 

After a motivating and captivating guest speech by Dr. Shakya, insights were provided about the Hult Prize, how to participate and this year’s theme, “Redesigning Fashion.”

The room was overflowing with the enthusiasm of all participants and campus representatives from 10 other colleges.

Participants’ queries like “why the Hult prize” were answered by the Campus Director Bishal Bashyal. Details about workshops and mentorship sessions were provided. Along with that, event manager Aakriti Sharma also recapped the Hult Prize 2021/22 and explained the event workflow. 

Mr. Vardaan Devkota inspired the attendees with his oration about making the first step. A similar story of inspiration and overcoming challenges was shared by Ms. Prakriti Osti who became successful by starting a fashion business after the recent covid lockdown.

Anecdotes of ‘ AI’, the previous winners of the Hult Prize at IOE, Pulchowk Campus, and their journey to New York were shared as the event continued. At last, the formal program concluded after an inciting speech by Dr. Joshi.

The dances performed by the participants at the end of the event served as icing on the cake.

This event received massive support and assistance from the Hult Nepal community as could be seen from the smooth ongoing of the program. Overall, the orientation of the Hult Prize at IOE, Pulchowk Campus was an undoubtedly successful episode.

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