Hamro Patro Launches Revolutionary Hamro Pay Digital Wallet, Set to Transform Nepal’s Payment Landscape

Hamro Patro Inc. has launched a new digital wallet, ‘Hamro Pay,’ through their most popular mobile app of all time, Hamro Pay. The launch event was held in the capital city on Friday. The wallet can be updated through Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store and used via Hamro Calendar app. Hamro Calendar, which has over one million users, has completed 12 years this year.

Sudina Gautam, the company’s director, stated that the goal of introducing Hamro Pay was to transform Hamro Patro into Nepal’s super app. The app has original features, as well as other digital wallets’ standard features, such as expense tracking and paying bills together.

Hamro Pay can be used in six languages, and local support is available via live chat. The app is expected to be available on a mini-app within Hamro Calendar in the future.

Shishir Pokharel, the CEO of Hamro Pay, also announced that the app would include features such as direct chat between users and merchants, offline payments, salary payments for corporates, and plans to link Hamro Calendar with Remit.

Hamro Calendar currently offers services such as astrology, telehealth (Hamro Health), e-commerce (Hamro Gift), and remittance. With the launch of Hamro Pay, Hamro Patro is set to revolutionize the Nepalese digital payment landscape.

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