Electronics Engineering In Nepal with huge opportunities.

Electronics Engineering In Nepal

Electronics Engineering in Nepal is a growing topic with a lot of scope. This is a multidisciplinary field that aims to provide insights on topics like Electronics, communication, and information. This is a leading field that has developed skilled manpower in the respective field. Electronics engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design and development of electronic components, and now with the introduction of communication and information, the coverage of this course has widened as it covers the software development part and telecommunication as well. 

Electronic engineering in Nepal is an extremely growing field. Industrial demand is exponentially increasing, and the production of electronics engineering has not been able to keep up with demand. As this field covers a wide range of topics, an electronics engineer should have knowledge about this diverse range of topics. This course was modified 2 years ago by Tribhuwan University, where information engineering is the new content added.

As the information segment is added to this field, this course offers neck-to-neck competition to computer engineering as well. It’s not rocket science to see that electronics engineering covers most of the content of computer engineering as well, and on top of that, you will have information about communication and electronics as well.

Let’s dive into the course content offered by Electronics Engineering in Nepal:

Electronic devices and Embedded systems

One can learn about electronic components like mux, demux, diode, MOSFET, and JFET. 

You can gain information about topics like power electronics, analog and digital circuits, and semiconductors. This course also covers details about topics like microprocessors, and instrumentation. You can learn machine languages like 8085, 8086, and VHDL and gain theoretical insight about this topic and how they actually work on the backend.

Communication systems and signal processing

Electronics engineering in Nepal offers communication systems as another main subject you can study. Here you can study the networking principles of wireless communication. You can also study the analysis, manipulation, and processing of signals. Signals include analog signals, digital signals, optical signals, and some concepts of image processing as well.

Computer Network

You can gain insight into the concepts of computer networks as well. You will be taught about TCP, IP, and UDP. You can learn about networking protocols and handshaking as well. You will be taught about the orientation of computer networks in an organization. Client server models and peer-to-peer models will be taught with practical examples.

Software Developments

With the introduction to information technologies in this course, you can now also learn about the software development pipeline and lifecycles. Azile models , waterfall models will be taught in practicals. You will learn programming languages like C, concepts of OOP.  In addition to this, you will also be taught about database management systems, where concepts related to this will be taught in detail and practical work will be done. Object oriented analysis and design will be given equal importance as well.

Data Mining and AI

One can learn about the concepts of data analysis, and preprocessing, and design machine learning models as well. You can gain insight about data science and data visualization as well. You can also learn about the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with practical knowledge.

After completing electronics engineering in Nepal, You can grow your career in the robotics field. As you will have information about embedded systems and electronic components, this field can be an exciting place to start your career. You can also join an IT company or start your own startup, as you will have software development knowledge as well.

There are diverse fields you can join after completion of this course, as it covers most of them. In the present context of Nepal, Different universities offer this course with the same content but under different names. Practical knowledge about the topic will be given priority at any university. So students studying Electronics Engineering in Nepal will have information about both theory and practice.

To conclude, Electronics Engineering in Nepal

Students enrolled in the Electronics Engineering in Nepal course can gain insight into diverse fields. Electronics engineering is an exponentially growing industry, and the demand for the job will grow in parallel. You can have a strong base in robotics, IOT, and many other areas. Universities also provide grants from foreign universities for deserving students. This is an engineering field where practical knowledge plays an important role. Despite the rapid growth of this technology globally, Nepal is still behind in this field. Any personnel with detailed knowledge about the diverse fields from Electronics Engineering in Nepal course will secure a bright future and will also help for the betterment of a whole country.

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